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How Firefox has fallen from my grace …again (hopefully, it’s just temporary again :) )

With all the shit happening in Zimbabwe these days, you might have seen titles like Mugabe’s fall from Grace, especially on African news portals. Don’t wanna dampen Zimbabweans’ spirits, but nothing’s gonna change in Zimbabwe …not for the better, at least. One dictator’s just being replaced with another. I mean, Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s right hand just a month ago and the party sponsoring him glorified Mugabe just a week ago. So… without further ado, I’m not gonna talk about Mugabe’s fall from Grace, but Firefox’s fall from my grace 😀

Recently, my favourite browser – Firefox – updated. It’s Firefox Quantum now… All good and well, but what’s the problem? Most of my old add-ons don’t work anymore! The many reason I have stuck with Firefox all these years are the add-ons I’ve so much gotten used to. A particular add-on that ain’t working any more is Classic Theme Restorer. Call me a grandpa, but I don’t like much the modern look of browsers these days. That is I prefer the old “retro” style and that’s what I have Classic Theme Restorer for, so I was quite pissed to find out the add-on wasn’t working anymore! I’ve waited for a week now for the add-on to be updated. No luck! The add-on still hasn’t been updated, so I decided a different approach was needed.

Remember I wrote about Waterfox a few years back? Since the official release of 64bit edition of Firefox for WINDOW$, Waterfox has become pretty much useless. But then it hit me that Waterfox probably hasn’t been “quantumed” yet. So I installed it and all my add-ons, including the good old Classic Theme Restorer work 😀 Hopefully, by the time Waterfox receives the Quantum update, most add-ons, including Classic Theme Restorer, will have been updated to support Quantum.

Anyway, you can download Waterfox here.

Posted on 21st November 2017 at 18:24 GMT
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Mariano Rajoy is an idiot

The situation in Catalonia has been centre stage lately.

Media are rarely impartial, they usually lean in one direction. Which one in the Catalan situation? That depends on where you live and whether your government supports Catalan independence or not. In Croatia, most media pretend to be impartial, but from reading their articles, it’s quite clear they write in favour of the independent Catalonia, probably because they associate Spanish Catalonia with Yugoslav Croatia, but yeah, things ain’t that simple. Aye, the situation is quite similar in many ways, but then again, there are quite a few differences. I’m not gonna point the similarities and differences out, but rather show you how complex the situation really is (and yeah, I’m gonna trash the Rajoy fascist along the way  🙂 ).

What’s my opinion? The fact is that Catalonia is deeply divided when it comes to their independence from Spain. Still, referendum seems to be the fairest solution to see the public opinion and try to satisfy the majority. That’s why I supported the referendum. If the Spanish government wouldn’t allow a legal referendum, then yeah go for an illegal one.
Then I – like the rest of the planet – saw the behaviour of the Spanish police sent by that imperialistic scum Rajoy. The turn-out and the results weren’t surprising and, frankly, are no grounds to declare independence. Nevertheless, after witnessing the barbaric behaviour of the police, I thought that most of those against the independence would shift their views. That did not happen and a lot of Catalanoians are still against the independence, so now I’m not sure what to think anymore. One thing is for sure – Catalonia is doomed to misery. Either the supporters of Spanish unity are going to be miserable in independent Catalonia or the supporters of the independence are going to be miserable in Spain.

But who is to blame for all this mess? Mariano Rajoy, of course 🙂 True, he is hardly the only figure in the chain of events, but his incompetence is the main cause.

He should have made a legal referendum possible to begin with. Made amends to the constitution if necessary. A legal referendum would have shown the reality of public opinion. Both sides would have had equal opportunity to present their arguments; the turn-out would have been much higher and probably wouldn’t go so much in favour of independence because supporters of the unity wouldn’t have boycotted the bloody referendum! In case the turn-out would have been poor even than, Catalans couldn’t say that people were afraid to cast their pro-independence votes because no one would have tried to stop them… Federal countries where referendums, sponsored by the central government, were held still exist. Scotland is still a country in the UK and Quebec is still a province in Canada… But even if the supposed legal referendum was won by pro-independence Catalonians, Catalonia could have, and probably would have, left Spain peacefully, and Spain and Catalonia could have become good neighbours with a bit of friendly competition.

But, mkay, so the guy didn’t want to risk Catalonia breaking away in any case. Then, once he’d seen that he couldn’t stop the Catalans from holding the referendum; he should have let the events play out and have his police storm the polling places and confiscate the ballots after the closing time. Then he should have had the referendum organizers arrested. That way he would have avoided the violence, or at the very least reduced it to minimum. He wouldn’t have made martyrs of pro-independence Catalans, he wouldn’t have embarrassed himself and the entire Spanish government.

Can the situation be salvaged? Although a peaceful solution seems to be slipping further and further away, yeah it’s still possible to make a deal acceptable to both sides to a degree. After all, we are all human beings. Hopefully, the EU is gonna engage more because it would be quite a shame if there would be a military conflict in Europe over self-goverance. The nineties were quite enough :/

I think, both the Spanish and the Catalans should swallow their pride and accept the current situation. Mkay, the Spanish can throw the current Catalonian government to jail if it makes them feel better and the Catalans should accept the fact that the results and the events unfolding during and after the referendum can’t justify the independence. Nevertheless, the referendum has clearly shown that a lot of Catalns aren’t satisfied with current position of Catalonia within Spain. Therefore, Spain should offer Catalonia maximum autonomy. They should exclude Catalonia from paying federal taxes (like they did with the Basque Country), they should give Catalonia leeway in everything except foreign policy, they shouldn’t require from Catalonians to fly Spanish flags at their institutions and let them fly only flags of Catalonia. Basically, Catalonia could share only the foreign relations, the military (even that ain’t necessary) and the currency (that ain’t necessary too but it makes life quite easier). There should also be no borders between the two countries, which ain’t a problem with Shengen and all 🙂 There are also some trivialities that make life easier, like the common country calling number, common carriers etc. In every other way, Catalonia should run its own affairs independent from the central government. Catalonia could easily be a republic within the Kingdom of Spain. I mean if Serbs can have a republic in Bosnia, why the hell shouldn’t the Catalans have theirs in Spain?! Now, if the Spanish government actually makes that kind of a deal to the Catalans, they would be fools not to accept it. In addition to the cons that come with the full independence (like all the costly foreign relations), there is a larger picture Spain, Catalonia, the EU and every bloody European should consider. Who really benefits from unstable Europe? Our common adversaries. Be it the ISIS, Russia, China, North Korea or someone else.

The only advice I can give to the Spaniards is: save yourselves from Rajoy (and his lackeys). Get rid of him. He will be the end of your country.

Posted on October 28th, 2017 at 19:40 GMT
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Kindle (e-book reader)

I guess everyone has heard of e-book readers. Amazon’s Kindle is the most popular. Therefore, I’m gonna risk invoking Amazon’s rage by referring to all e-book readers as “kindles”, so I don’t have to type “e-book reader” every bloody time.

In case you haven’t heard of Kindle, this is a Kindle 😉

Now, when listening to people talk about a kindle, I keep hearing the same bloody prejudice why traditional books are better than kindle. People keep saying how a kindle lacks that “feeling of having paper in your hands” and that a kindle lacks the “smell” of a book.  I’d like to add that the “smell” is often the stench of decaying paper, but people seem to enjoy that particular aroma… Don’t get me wrong, those are the advantages of good old books, no question about it; bet let’s set the prejudice aside for a second and look objectively at all the pros.

Mkay, so we’ve got two cons tops. Before you mention battery, I wanna mention that battery life of my Kindle is about four weeks (with wi-fi turned off, of course 🙂 ), so battery life is hardly an issue. True, battery life probably depends on the model, but I seriously doubt it can be short.

Anyway, let’s continue with all the pros:

Kindle is lighter and, depending on the screen size, it can be quite smaller than an average book (mine is). Font size can be adjusted, so tiny print needn’t worry you anymore 🙂 It can store tons of books in its internal memory (mine, a rather old model, has 2 gigabytes; a book of about 800 pages has about a megabyte in Kindle’s native format, so you do the math…) alone + some models support external storage, so there’s no more carrying a few books on vacation or whatever.

Kindle ain’t clumsy like traditional books can be. All you have to do is hold the kindle (in one hand, on your knees, on a tale, or another surface; you can even buy stands) and simply touch the screen (or press a button if you have an older model) to “turn” a page without turning the pages traditionally. Note that you don’t need any special gloves for a Kindle because the touchscreen works even when you’re wearing ordinary gloves, which makes reading in winter a blast on Kindle since turning the pages of a traditional book in gloves is really clumsy. With Kindle, you don’t have to take your gloves of in a bus. Hell, you can read in the cold while waiting for the bus! 😀
With the freezing nights we’ve had lately, I realized how convenient Kindle really is only recently. I can simply cuddle into a cover completely, lean my Kindle on a pillow and just touch it to “turn” the pages. My Kindle (Paperwhite) can illuminate the screen (without consuming the battery much), so I don’t have to worry about the surrounding light. All in all, I don’t have to worry about finding a comfortable position with plenty of light without getting frozen.

The rumours of the Earth being our only planet are true and kindle is definitely environment friendly. Just imagine “4 gigs” of paper and how many trees need to be cut down for that much paper.

Well, since people often don’t think that saving money ain’t worth a thing if there’s no planet to save the money on and, therefore, the environment friendliness ain’t important to them, at least not in favour of profit, I’d like to add that e-books are much cheaper than traditional books. Buying a kindle is just the initial investment. If you read much and don’t want to depend on libraries [depending on how many books are translated into the local language(s) and how many of those actually interest you, local libraries can really be sparse], you will profit from a kindle pretty quickly.

In conclusion, you have the feeling of paper and the smell of a book in the one hand, and all the pros I mentioned (+ possibly more I didn’t mention), so next time when comparing traditional books with kindle, look past the prejudice and be objective 🙂

Finally, kindle is the future. Sooner or later, traditional books are going to become obsolete. Actually, the process has already begun. Traditional books may still be popular in your (or mine) lifetime but, let’s face it, the age of (traditional) books is at an end. Their demise is inevitable.

P.S. To all the people praising tablets in favour of a kindle; when it comes to reading, you are wrong, plain and simple, end of discussion 🙂 You can do a lot of shit on a tablet, including reading e-books, very true, but tablets are not made for reading books. Kindle is. In addition to (way) longer battery life, the screen of a kindle is designed and meant for reading. Your eyes don’t tire more than they would if you were reading text on paper and there’s no light reflection. A Kindle series is not called Paperwhite for no reason. Just check out the image below:

popup-glare-compareThe same book on a tablet (left) and a Kindle (right). There’s no glare on Kindle.

Posted on January 22nd, 2017 at 17:23 GMT
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Kao i svakog zadnjeg vikenda u 10. i 3. mjesecu, jučer se mediji na veliko raspisali kako “opet” pomičemo sat i kako bi pomicanje sata trebalo ukinuti i bla bla. Zanimljivo je da nikom ne smeta ljetno vrijeme do samog pomicanja sata, odnosno sve je mkay osim ona dva dana u godini kad pomičemo kazaljke.

U biti, jedan takav članak je bio na Indexu. Sad kad sam pomicao sat na blogu, padne mi na pamet da jednostavno tu stavim komentar na članak, nego da imam čitabu na Fejsu.

Inače, ovo nije jedini post u kojem sam gubio vrijeme na vrijeme 😀 Prije nekoliko godina sam napisao Time zones i Time what is time. U njima bljezgarim i o ljetnom vremenu (DST).

U biti, priča kaže sledeće:

Čudite se ko pura dreku, a većina ljudi kurca zna o ljetnom vremenu. Hrpi ljudi je pomicanje sata svake godine takav neočekivani šok iako je pomicanje sata svake godine zadnjih nekoliko desetljeća zadnje nedjelje u listopadu i zadnje nedjelje u ožujku i tu nema ničeg neočekivanog i nepredvidljivog. Ljeti mi (zapravo i veći dio proljeća i pola jeseni jer ljetno vrijeme duže traje) dolaze obavijesti da se nešto događa u 16:00 GMT+1 iako je naravno pisac htio reći da je događaj u 4, a ne 3 PM. I sad, ili ga čekam sat vremena ko budala ili je lik zapravo dobro mislio, pa zakasnim, a nekad nam je nešto toliko važno da ćemo čekati i sat vremena, a ne riskirat da zakasnimo koliko god vjerojatno bilo da je ovaj mislio na kasniji termin. Raja se ponaša kao da smo sada na prirodnom računanju vremena, i sad u vražju mater sudbe li klete skraćujemo dan! Ne znam šta se nitko nije zapitao kako to da sjene iza podneva ne padaju na jug za vrijeme ljetnog vremena… Kad u školama uče računanje vremenski zona, samo se dodaju dodaje/oduzima jedan sat za svakih 15° geog. širine kao da cijeli svijet (jednako) računa ljetno vrijeme ili ono uopće ne postoji (ne bih sad da su neke zemlje same po sebi u krivoj zoni, tako da npr. u Parizu i Madridu nikad nije sat vremena manje nego kod nas 🙂 ). Lijepo se provedeš ako bi na taj način sutra računao vrijeme u New Yorku s kojim je razlika uglavnom 6 sati, ali je sljedeći tjedan 5 sati jer se Ameri tek sljedeću nedjelju vraćaju na zimsko vrijeme. A tek zemlje s ljetnim vremenom na južnoj hemisferi… Razlika sa Sydneyjom je trenutno 9 sati. Od sutra pa do kraja ožujak razlika će bit 10 sati, onda tjedan-dva opet 9 sati, a onda 8 i tako u krug.
I meni ovo pomicanje sata isto diže živac [pogledaj satove na naslovnoj slici, a imam još dva ručna, samo, srećom, riknule im baterije 😀 ] , ali se malo informiraj. Nemoj mi onda plakat da bi u kolovozu bio na plaži do 8 sati, ali je mrak. Ako pak cijelu godinu budemo na ljetnom vremenu, nemoj plakati da se sunce zimi ne pojavljuje do 8 ujutro. Nemojte zaboravit da mi možda jesmo mala zemlja za razliku od Rusije, ali se zato trebamo prilagodit Europi. Baš bi bilo zgodno da prelaskom granice sim i tam svako malo moramo pomicat sat… A kako bi tek turisti uživali u posjetu Lijepoj Našoj 🙂
Ukratko, jedini pravi problem je da ljetno vrijeme više nije ljetno. Sunce ti kalajisano, duže je od zimskog (standardnog). Koliko mi već ide na živac što na posao krećem po mraku. Slično, kad na proljeće prijeđemo na ljetno vrijeme, taman se naviknem da mi bude malo dana ujutro i eto ti mrklog mraka! Istina je da sam zahvalan da ljeti ne sviće u 4, ali što je prerano je prerano. Tako da molim lijepo da ljetno vrijeme ne maknete, ali ga skratite 🙂

Ovo o “poznavanju kurca” govorim iz iskustva. Dok sam kurca znao o ljetnom vremenu i sam sam u njemu vidio samo pomicanje sata i to mi je išlo na živce i samo zbog toga sam htio da se “pomicanje sata” ukine. S “kurcem” sam se dugo družio i o ljetnom vremenu ništa nisam znao godinama. Niti su ga spominjali u školi niti na faksu. Inače, faks o kojem govorim je geografija, tako da je to dosta žalosno. Zapravo, sjećam se da je na prijemnom bio zadatak s računanjem vremenskih zona na gore spomenuti način. Šterc nam je samo jedan sat filozofirao o ljetnom vremenu zato što smo imali slobodno predavanje nekoliko dana nakon pomicanja sata koje nas je potaklo na tu temu. Baš me to predavanje ponukalo da se malo informiram o temi. Ukratko, ljetno vrijeme nije nikakva znanost, ali se (prije prigovaranja) sam moraš informirati; ne možeš računat na (hrvatski) obrazovni sustav 🙂

Kad sam već kod obrazovnog sustava i pomicanja sata, da dotaknem s tim povezamu orijentaciju (pomoću Sunca) 😀 Stalno čujem komentare Ova današnja mladež se ne zna ni orijentirat pomoću Sunca… E pa, koliko se sjećam u školi samo trube Prijepodne je sunce na istoku, u podne na središtu horizonta, a poslijepodne na zapadu. Znači, po zimi je sve to super, samo se smrzneš u šumi 😉 a ljeti se izgubiš u šumi jer si u pola jedan vidio Sunce na “zapadu” 😀 Pravo me zanima da li isto sranje prodaju djeci u Saskatchewanu (provincija u “središtu” Kanade) koji je cijele godine na ljetnom vremenu. Em su zime u Saskatchewanu hladnije nego kod nas, em tamo ima puno više šuma nego u Hrvatskoj; tako da jadni Saskatchewančići stvarno jebu ježa i zimi kad se pogube u šumi ×D

U svem tom džumbusu s pomicanjem sata, samo mi jedna stvar nikako nije jasna. Mkay, noćas su vlakovi stajali sat vremena da bi se vozni red uskladio sa zimskim vremenom. Ali šta rade na proljeće?! 😮 Ubrzaju sve da bi nadoknadili jedan sat?! Molim službeno objašnjenje iz HŽ-a 😀

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Sony VAIO laptops

SAM_2784 (800x600)

A week ago I bought a Sony VAIO laptop, so to save people their mental health, I’m gonna write a few pointers.

Accessing BIOS

Okay, okay, I spent virtually half a day trying to access BIOS. In the end, I brought the laptop back to the store because I couldn’t access BIOS. Well, accessing BIOS is pretty simple once you know what to do. We used a method with a lot of clicking to access BIOS in the store. It can be accessed much simpler than that.

If your laptop is running, turn it off. Once it is turned off, instead of pressing the turn on/off button, press the ASSIST button. It is located right across the turn on/off button on my model (SVE1113M1EW) and “ASSIST” is written in pink.

SAM_2789 (1024x58)
Click on the image to enlarge it.

You start VAIOCare|Rescue Mode that way. Once the mode loads, press F2 to start BIOS.

SAM_2790 (800x600)

Now, the only reason I use BIOS is to change boot priority. Like accessing BIOS itself, setting the priority is quite simple once you know what to do. Go to Boot tab in BIOS (use arrows on the keyboard to move around…). Now, in every other BIOS I’ve worked with, it’s enough to just change boot priority to external device if you want to boot system from an external device. In Sony VAIO BIOS, however, you have to enable external device boot first. Anyway, just make sure that External Device Boot is Enabled under Boot Configuration and then set boot priority as you wish.

SAM_2788 (1024x768)
Click on the image to enlarge it.


If your VAIO came with a preinstalled Windows, do not reinstall it or change Windows because you’ll probably go through a nightmare finding drivers.

This is my story:
I went throughout the city in search for the cheapest option for a minilaptop. That led me to Sony VAIO SVE1113M1EW, The laptop comes with preinstalled Windows 8. Preinstalled means that you get the operating system with no disk and no product key which means you are stuck with that installation and can’t reinstall the system when a need arouses. That is why I bought Windows 7 (cheaper than Windows 8, and unlike Windows 8, Windows 7 is an operating system for computers). When I asked in the store whether I can install Windows 7 on the thingy, vendors were all like “sure thing”. Anyway, once I had bought the laptop (and spent ages to start BIOS 😉 ), I installed the Windows I bought. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find most of the drivers. I spent two days searching for them. I asked for help. We went to the deepest bowls of the Internet and only managed to install the missing LAN driver. We came across a text on Sony website that my model cannot be downgraded to Windows 7 (yes, after a week of vendors telling me that I can install Windows 7 with no trouble). Well, I took the thing back to the store and told them I can’t find the drivers. That’s when they told me SVE1113M1EW can’t be downgraded to Windows 7 (a way Microsoft and partners are forcing people to use Windows 8…). Luckily, I bought the Windows at the same store, so they couldn’t explain to me why I’d spend €120* if I had known, the thing wouldn’t work.
In the end, they returned my VAIO with Windows 7 and all the drivers. They did not give me the drivers on CD or another disk though. However, with the help of Device Manager and Programs and Features in Control Panel, I think I managed to download all the drivers. Well, let’s just hope I’ll never have to find out… even though I bought the Windows only to be able to reinstall it.

All in all, do not remove the preinstalled Windows. At least not without finding and downloading the drivers first.

As for other operating systems, I’m not sure. Linux usually detects the hardware and installs the necessary drivers in no time. I can’t vouch for every Linux distribution, but Knoppix had no trouble with the hardware of my VAIO. That is, it recognized wireless network adapter right away and I was able to connect to my modem in no time.

So far I am quite stasfied with my VAIO. There’s only one thing I don’t like (two things depending how you look at it/them), other than the living nightmares called BIOS and drivers 😉 The touchpad is way too sensetive while the keyboard is barely sensetive.

*Generally, I don’t like to talk about prices outside my own country. The price I wrote is a rounded conversion of the local currency. In addition, the “value” of the dollar varies a lot throughout the world. For example, I heard that 0.25L of bear costs £3 in the UK. British find that acceptable (otherwise British pubs would be empty 😉 ). £3 for a 0.25L bottle of bear is quite a lot here.  I don’t drink bear so I don’t know the exact price of bear here. I think 0.25L of bear costs around 4 HRK (≈ £0.4) here. Well, £3 is just too much for us 😀 Another good example is that throughout most of Africa, you can buy a 160 m² 4 bedroom flat for only a few hundred euros. On the other hand, an average African can hardly come by €1.
Suffice it to say, €120 is no small amount of money here, especially for an operating system.

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Pokémon GO

Zadnjih tjedan dana svijetom vlada euforija skupljanja pokemona. I jednostavno mi ne možete reći da i vas nije zahvatila, pogotovo ne nakon službenog izlaska Pokemon GOa u Lijepoj Našoj. Ne, jednostavno vam ne vjerujem ako kažete da ih ne skupljate. Mkay, možda ipak spadate u manjinu čovječanstva (ajde, vlasnika Android i iOS uređaja) koje ih ne skuplja, ali kakve su vjerojatnosti za to? 🙂

U biti, htjedoh se malo osvrnuti na bljezgarije u tekstu Nemojte umisliti da ste kreativni jer igrate Pokemone. Oni su isto što i turska sapunica. Svaka čast autorici i njenoj kolumni. Njen tekst Smrtni grijeh Željke Markić je jednom riječju SAVRŠENSTVO 😀 Ali kad je riječ o pokemonima, odnosno Pokemon GOu, vidi se da igru nije ni pokrenula, ali je jako pametna.

Znači, priča kaže sledeće:

Već se u samom naslovu vidi da priča pizdarije. Nitko, ali baš nitko nije rekao da je igranje Pokemon GOa kreativno, nego da je prednost igre u tome da potiče na kretanje. Em kretanje i kreativnost nisu isto, em time što je navedena jedna prednost nije rečeno da igra nema nikakvih mana. Iskreno, ne znam otkud je izvukla kreativnost. Koji idiot je rekao da je igra u kojoj više-manje sve dobiješ na pladnju kreativna?!

Nakon pročitanih članka o dječaku odnosno djevojci koji su na različitim mjestima i u različito vrijeme nastradali na identičan način – igrajući Pokemon Go, sanjala sam kako provaljujem u skladište Caritasa u potrazi za igračkama Pokemon koje sam (u stvarnosti) poklonila prije par godina, unatoč nećkanju mog mlađeg djeteta.“- ne, za te nezgode nije kriva igra, nego “dječak i djevojka”. Isto tako za nijednu nesreću tijekom igranja Pokemona nije kriva igra (osim ako ti aplikacija nije pokvarila mob) nego igrači, odnosno levati koji ili previše ozbiljno shvaćaju igru ili se previše zadube u nju. Najlakše je okriviti drugog, pogotovo kad taj drugi ni nije čovjek, nego jedna “sotonska” igra, ali ne. Ljudi su napravili tu igru, ljudi je igraju, ljudi su svjesna bića, a ne igra; odnosno čovjek treba paziti, a ne igra koja je namijenjena za zabavu (na 99% video igara se zarađuje kao i 99% drugih oblika zabave, tako da u tom pogledu Pokemoni nisu ništa posebno; ni legići nisu besplatni pa nisam čuo za “LEGO krajnji cilj” 😮 ).

Dakle, igrajmo se, ali budimo takvih stvari svjesni. Kad su u pitanju naša maloljetna djeca, budimo dvostruko svjesni. I prometa, zlonamjernih ljudi, ovisnosti i gubitka privatnosti. – a šta će šmrkavcu pametnjaković od mobitela ili tableta?!

Naime, kako stoji u hrvatskoj inačici vodiča: “Pokémoni se najčešće pojavljuju na frekventnim lokacijama – parkovima, popularnim turističkim odredištima, šoping-centrima, benzinskim postajama.” Divljina i seoski ambijent im baš ne prijaju, osim u slučaju koji ću spomenuti na kraju osvrta. – ovo je najveći misteriji! Ma kako to da su naseljeni prostori najbolje pokriveni GPS-om?! I to kako baš nas Hrvate zadesi ovakva nesreća?! Skandinavci su sigurno prekrili cijelu Laponiju. Jebeš ti i Stockholm, i Göthebourg i Malmö i Oslo i Bergen i Helsinki i Turku, kad međedi u Laponiji trebaju GPS do špilje!

Inače, zadnjih nekoliko dana su pokemoni bili tema vodećih hrvatskih informativnih portala Sprdexa i News Bara 🙂 Evo nekoliko novosti vezanih za pokemone:

Iz Slavonije za Njemačku otišla puna tri autobusa Pokémona
Vlada pronašla način kako zadržati mlade u zemlji: Kupujemo milijun Pokemona!
NIKAD VIĐENO: Penzioner se u tramvaju vozio uz otvorene prozore (uzrok “nikad viđenog” je onix)
Policija ulovila 8 rijetkih Pokémona u Donjem Srbu
USKOK izbacio Kradémon GO: Ulovi sve HDZ-ovce i pošalji ih u Remetinec


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It’s been over a week since Britain’s “historic” vote to leave the EU and I’ve been reading shit about Brexit (Brexit Vol. I, of course 😉 ) on local, British and international portals, so I’m gonna say a few words about it.

I’ll start the post by saying that I’ve never understood Euroscepticism. I simply don’t understand how people don’t realize that only a united Europe has any chance of survival in the global world. I mean, even the biggest European countries like Germany and France (and the UK) are nothing alone compared to the USA, Russia, China… True, colonial influence of former colonial powers like France, Spain (and the UK) is still present, but it’s gradually being extinguished and not being part of the EU ain’t gonna stop the process or make it any slower. We’re living in the 21st century for God’s sake! And now… Seeing what repercussions Brexit caused both at home and abroad in just a few hours after the results of the referendum, a referendum that hasn’t even been ratified by the British parliament yet; Eurosceptics actually think Brexit has worked in their favour (as can be seen in appeals of “Frexit”, “Nexit”, and whatever other “exit”)… No offence people (Eurosceptics), but you’re just idiots.

What gets on my nerves is the EU saying that the will of the British people has to be respected. What will is that?! The results were in favour of leave by meagre 2%! If the referendum was held a few hours earlier or later, it’s possible that the results would be in favour of remain by meagre 2%! On top of that, the UK is a complexed… kingdom made of 4 countries and many territories. Out of those 4 countries, just 2 – England and Wales – voted to leave and the only British territory within the EU (i.e. Gibraltar) voted overwhelmingly to remain (more than 90%!). In addition, despite being in England, London voted overwhelmingly to remain. The other day I asked a guy in Star Wars: The Old Republic where he was from. He said the UK. Then I asked him what country and he said the Republic of London 😀 Most of those who did vote leave were old farts living in the 1950s (or before) who don’t give a shit about anyone, but themselves and couldn’t care less how people are going to live when they’re dead (which ain’t in a distant future). Now, I don’t want to insult old people. I know there are many honourable elderly man and women who care about future generations and those very likely did not vote leave but, sadly, the above described selfishness is a typical “pensioner” behaviour. And now that selfishness has taken toll the British (youth). So tell me again, what was the will of the British people?! In addition, leave campaigners won their votes on lies as has been admitted by that asshole Nigel Farage only hours after the results came in.

Another thing that really gets on my nerves is influential EU people, like the Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy or the French president François Hollande saying that Scotland has no right to remain in the EU because they “came with the UK and the must leave with the UK”. It simply eludes me how they can’t put their imperialistic views aside for just a moment in the spirit of European unity. And Scotland (and Gibraltar and Northern Ireland) have every right to remain in the EU. Guess Rajoy, Hollande and their kind should be remind of the Danish Realm, which is made of Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland. Only Denmark is an EU member. It’s interesting that Greenland was an EU member, but voted to leave while Denmark remained in the EU. In other words, “Greenland came with Denmark and left on its own”. So couldn’t the same rule be applied to the UK?! England and Wales voted to leave; others did not. Another good example is Finland. Upon joining the EU, two separate referendums were held in Finland – one on the mainland and the other on Åland Islands. The results of both referendums were in favour of joining the EU, but if one of those (especially the one in Åland) wasn’t in favour of joining, either Åland or mainland Finland wouldn’t be part of the EU.

I would like to apologize in advance to Brits who might find my following words as “mingling” in their internal affairs. Actually, screw you, no one is forcing you to read this post, let alone do a shit about it 😛
So what can the UK do to keep the territorial integrity? I think the smartest thing for the UK would be to drop the whole thing because the referendum isn’t obligatory and because of the “first thing that goes on my nerves” 😉 Another option is for England and Wales to leave the EU and for Gibraltar, Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain. True, the remain vote won meagrely in Northern Ireland just as the leave vote won meagrely in the UK as a whole, but Northern Ireland is a special case because of being… well Ireland 😀 It is quite unclear how Brexit is gonna affect the freedom of movement between the Republic of Ireland (an EU member) and Northern Ireland (UK) though I guess diplomacy is going to work its wonders here. Furthermore, despite being divided between the Republic of Ireland and the UK, Ireland was “united” through the EU. Basically, the EU served to appease both the Irish unionists nationalists, but now… In addition, in this case, the British parliament should consider granting London a special status (e.g. like Moscow and St. Petersburg have in Russia) to allow Londoners, who overwhelmingly voted remain, to remain in the EU. That could actually appease many leavers in England and Wales because they themselves wouldn’t be in the EU, but their kingdom would at least partly be in the EU, meaning they’d have some say in the EU, especially if their capital city were in the EU. Finally, the British could hold emergency general elections where there would be parties in favour of adopting the results of the referendum no matter how slim they were and parties in favour of dropping the whole thing. Hopefully, people have come to their senses and can vote clear headedly now.
Alternately, UKIP will go down in history as being a party that hmm… “divided” the United Kingdom and David Cameron will go down in history as a prime minister who made it possible 🙂

Posted on 2nd July 2016 at 11:54 GMT
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