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Adventure movies

This is the genre I really like. I’m talking about stuff like Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Allan Quartermain and Tomb Raider. Why do I like the genre? Well, it’s got a lot of fantasy elements and often some SF elements, and SF and fantasy just kick ass. The post title says movies ‘cause I chose movies as examples, but books and video games of the same genre also kick ass.

Indiana Jones
Now, this guy really rules; everyone’s favourite teacher – you might not like Indy, but you gotta admit he’s awesome for a teacher. The Last Crusade is one of my fav movies of all time, but the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ain’t bad too, so I’m really looking forward to any future sequels.
Indy is classic. A lot of people are gonna say that the other stuff I’ll mention is just an Indy copy.

The Mummy
Yeah, an Indy style series! There’s no question about it, the first two movies just kick ass. Beni (the greedy gutless guy who had started as Rick’s buddy and ended up as Imhotep’s most trusted servant in 1999 Movie) is like one of my favourite characters ever 😀
Now, the third movie has been highly criticized. There are indeed few unacceptable Hollywood mistakes. If you ask me, another actress of Evie is acceptable – actor changes of characters are pretty common however we feel about them. I guess there is even some plot misalignment with the previous movies. Now, that sounds to me like a bigger mistake. But, lemme just point out that on Christmas Time 2011 the first two movies were shown in one day interval. I noticed then quite a few plot misalignments between the first two movies. Don’t ask me what they are now ‘cause my memory doesn’t serve me well enough. The point is that if there are many misalignments between the first two movies, which have been rated excellent and the time period between their filming was quite short; having misalignments in the third movie is expectable although plot misalignments are generally unacceptable.  There are two things that I think are real embarrassments of film directing – Alex, who was brought up in England, has an American accent in the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [Alex’s British accent is quite clear in Mummy Returns where he was a kid (being a kid is when you form your speech); furthermore, it wasn’t mentioned in the movie that he had spent a lot of time in the US], and the ancient incantations being in English (English had never been mingled with ancient Egyptian stuff in the first two movies). Basically, I’d be looking forward to another Mummy movie, if those two things were fixed.

Allan Quartermain (and the Temple of the Skulls)
The only reason I watched this shit is because it said “Indiana Jones copy” in a description. To be honest, Quartermain can’t be an Indy copy simply because it’s based upon a book that by far predates Indy. Therefore, Indy can only be a Quartermain copy. I didn’t say shit for no reason though. The film is a pure crap. I can honestly say that the movie is a pure waste of 90 minutes of my life. It is definitely one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. I guess the plot is fine (I’d have to read the book to say for sure). However, those little effects (e.g. a man being shot by a rifle) present totally suck ass. The movie was filmed in 2008, so the year is not an excuse for poor effects (e.g. the mentioned shooting thing, being shot was realistic even in the old black and white westerns). And the acting totally sucks ass. Basically, stay away from this shit if you have any dignity. If the book is any good, I might wait for another film adaptation but for now…

Tomb Raider
Lara is a modernized rich (hot) female version of Indy. There are so many Tomb Raider games, and I played a lot (probably more have been released after the last one I played), but I’m ashamed to say that I completed only one. Anyway, back to the movies. Lara movies kick ass! Lara in the movies (Angelina Jolie) looks quite like Lara from the games. Now, if an actress similar* to digital Lara was chosen again, I’d definitely be looking forward to another movie.

*By “similar”, I mean the accent too. Please, don’t screw Lara up like Alex O’Connell.

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