About Me

I’m but a raft on a sea of sorrow and greed 😀

Read the stuff on my Facebook profile.

In short:

I like SF (Star Wars – prerat Star Wars, of course – just kicks ass 😀 ), fantasy (especially sword an sorcery – Forgotten Realms* über alles 😀 ) and steampunk. Why? Because those three are limitless chests of tales that let you unwind of reality for a while, and let your mind and imagination wander to the most wondrous of places.

Furthermore, I like metal (especially symphonic and power), cats and (playing) cards.

I live in Zagreb, Croatia with two wonderful pets 😀

Contact: bedakjen@hotmail.com

*I must admit that I haven’t moved much beyond Salvatore 😦 Neither have I played Dungeons & Dragons the board game, just a few video games (like Neverwinter Nights 😀 ).

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