About the Blog

Ovaj blog je posvećen istraživanju ruda i gubljenju vremena.

Good moaning and welcome to Nelandir’s Independent Trading Co. (New York – Paris – Zapruđe).
I’m just writing what comes to my mind (the rumours about me having a mind are true), meaning you’re going to find all kind of crap here, so I’m pretty sure you’re going to find something you like. If you find something stupid – either by not understanding it, or by simply not finding it interesting –  just skip the blasted thing (scrolling down is easy)!
If you encounter a broken link in the blog, please tell me 🙂
Hope you enjoy your stay!

Why bedakjen? Bedak jen! is a local exclamation meaning You plonker! Whenever I do something dumb on Atlantica, my pal comments bedak (plonker).
Why Nelandir’s Independent Trading Co.? In honour of Only Fools and Horses.
Why Blog za istraživanje ruda i gubljenje vremena? In honour of Max Bunker, the creator of Alan Ford.

Contact: bedakjen@hotmail.com

The default encoding of the blog is Unicode (UTF-8)

© Nelandir’s Independet Tradging Co.


7 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. paperballpotluck

    (I’m sorry in advance for my really bad Croatian) Dobar dan! Hvala za citanje moj blog. Ucila sam hrvatskog jezika 3 godine i možda možemo biti ‘virtual penpals’ tako da ja mogu vježbati? I’ve been out of school for 2 years now and haven’t had a chance to practice at all and don’t want to lose the limited skills I have!

    Let me know! you can email me at mvukmir@gmail.com, Hvala!


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