Open letter

Recently Chuck Wendig, a Star Wars author wrote an open letter in response to fans trashing him, well officially in response to the “harsh” behaviour of the fans because the Rat has pretty-much destroyed Star Wars, but he was bloody silent until someone showed his latest books (Aftermath) the finger and shared the pic. You can, also, read the letter here.

11220813_1056906227731127_1912224149250186638_nAftermath and the finger

Anyway, this is my “open letter”:

“…now there are new movies and new books (ahem, Aftermath), and they either ignore the Expanded Universe stories or they pick ideas and characters from them to use now or later.” – I seriously wouldn’t mind the new canon, the Rat totally ignoring neither stealing from the Expanded Universe (which he doesn’t acknowledge) if the new “canon” wasn’t so retarded.

“I get it. It’s the same feeling when a TV show you love gets canceled” – no, it’s not because Star Wars wasn’t just cancelled. No, the Expanded Universe was, sort to speak, “banned” and Star Warshas been rewritten into retardation pretty much by twisting and robbing the Expended Universe (please don’t make me analyse Kylo Ren ×D )

“…Sneakers, I mean, shit, if Nike or Reebok release a sneaker and you wear it and you like it, next season that sneaker is already on a burning trashpile in the Pacific Ocean and replaced with the next upgraded model and that model sucks because it’s not the shoe you jolly well fucking liked in the first place, and NOW your brand loyalty for that company is cut off at the knees because they stopped making the thing you like.” – again Star Wars WAS NOT just cancelled or discontinued, so your sneaker comparison sucks and if you wore Converse All-Star, you wouldn’t have to worry about the model being cancelled :DAnd no, I don’t have “brand loyalty” (no offence but I’m not that pathetic:) ); for all I care Star Wars could’ve been sold to fucking McDonald’s as long as it wouldn’t be turned into this farce!

“…I have literally no power to make it happen…” – you can, for example, stop writing the new abomination in protests. Hell, if a few other best selling authors were to join you, the Rat’s sales would drop, he wouldn’t make so much money and might even consider “revivifying” the Expended Universe. After all, you did explain yourself pretty well that money is the biggest reason the Rat ain’t gonna move a finger in your caveats:)

“That larger narrative is actually part of the problem for Legends — it’s quite a big deal that, at present, everything coming out regarding Star Wars is connected” – and you seriously expect the new canon to be “well connected” when the stories pile up (I hop they never do, but I’m being realistic here). There’s crap – maybe even bigger crap than in the EU; more retarded, anyway:) – even now.

“If it doesn’t happen, I might encourage you to summon peace with that reality. There does come a point when your energy can best be spent elsewhere. Share your love with other great stories, even if they’re not inside Star Wars. This isn’t me smacking your hand and saying JUST GET OVER IT, LOSERS. But it is vital to recognize the reality that you neither own nor control this stuff, and you still have hundreds of great Legends stories that you can still enjoy. That’s huge. And I know it’s not fair, but life is frequently full of unfair things and part of our skillset as human beings is how we inoculate ourselves against disappointment.” – I do realize it, “loser“, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, especially if it’s not fair as in the case of relatively good stories being replaced with retarded stories and those retarded stories, the stories that’ve twisted a universe (let’s call it Star Wars:) ) into a retardation only to gain (more) money. Hmm… a little comment in Star Trek vocabulary now: calling Disney “Mickey the Rat” is really wrong and unfair. Such injustice and insensitivity! They should definitely be called “Mickey the Ferengi:)

“Also, hey, you can sorta take ownership and control of the Legends continuity through the power of fan-fiction. Fan-fiction informed me and I don’t look down it. Nor should anybody. It’s a great way to be creative and also continue exploring a narrative universe that either left you behind or you left behind. It allows you to continue engagement with that world. So rad.” – expect that amateur writers will always be …amateur writers.

And in most cases, if someone [let’s call that someone “Mickey the (Ferengi) Rat”:) ] hadn’t (so selfishly) fucked up and then wasn’t ignoring the fucked-up party, there would be no “harassment”. It is the behaviour of the Rat hat is “very bad” and like a real bully, the Rat is twisting his own shit into “the bad behaviour” of others. Now that is just low.

Generally speaking, the caveats are contradictory and wouldn’t even exist if the Rat hadn’t “cancelled” the EU in the first place but, unfortunately, they are true😦

“I also hope some of you stop your worst behaviors and your worst members. Because they have dominated this conversation and poisoned your efforts from within. It’s time to grow up and be better. Demonstrate your desires with love and outreach, not hate and spite. Even if that doesn’t get you what you want, it at least keeps the slate clean and ensures that nobody feels harassed.” – good final words, meaning “go fuck yourselves and do it quietly, you’re not getting anything”:)

“Best of luck”

Posted on April 30the, 2016 at 15:06 GMT
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Chuck Wendig’s open letter

This is just Chuck Wendig’s open letter in case it gets “misplaced”, so you know what I’m responding to in me Open Letter post. You can read the original letter here.

Note: none of this post represents my publishers or the Star Wars universe, and I have literally no special knowledge or power in this regard. All the opinions below represent me, not Del Rey, not Lucasfilm or Disney. Just little old me.

Hi, Expanded Universe / Legends fans.

It’s me. Your pal, Chuck Wendig.

If your emails and tweets and YouTube videos about me are any indication, you care very little for me, and that’s fine. I wish you’d be a little nicer about it, but hey, you do you.

I wanted you know that I saw that thing you did with the billboard, and really, it’s pretty cool. It got you press. It’s a way to demonstrate what you love in a fairly positive way. It shows the power of crowdfunding. One could argue that you might’ve made the same impression or better if you organized the money to go to charity (Force For Change, after all, is a Star Wars-based charity), but what do I know? Thing is, what you did is pretty nifty and it shows the collective power of an engaged, interested fandom.

I talked about this a bit on Twitter yesterday, and I have been accused now and many times before of somehow being a Legends-hater (also: a prequel-hater, apparently). I don’t hate the prequels and I don’t hate Legends (or what was once the Expanded Universe). I loved Zahn’s novels and Stackpole’s, though I never really read much deeper than that because, well, for me, there were other books to read. I didn’t want to be reading Star Wars novels only, and I was a pretty diverse reader across genres. But some folks were and still are fairly deep into the Legends/EU line of stories, and those are stories that linked books and comics and games in a not-quite-canon-flavored way, and that’s honestly kinda great. I want to tell you that I get it. I understand why you want more. Stories have power over us. Star Wars in particular is a storytelling universe that has really enveloped our own — this is pop culture that has threaded its way into our narrative DNA. It’s part of us. The EU came up at a time when we thought we weren’t getting more Star Wars stories. That universe seemed dead, inert, done-zo, and suddenly here comes the start of a whole new universe of stories. Where once there were three movies, suddenly there were dozens — eventually hundreds — of books. And comics. And games.

That single bulk of narrative material outweighs most other universes. One could argue that it even outweighs what we get with the films, at least in terms of sheer storytelling girth. Some of the books were great. Some of them, nnnyeah, okay, maybe not so great. But it was a huge legacy, a massive obelisk of material, and it was worthy of worship.

And then, it came crashing down.

That universal lineage, that massive branch of the Star Wars storytelling tree — it broke off, fell to the ground, and you feel like Disney woodchipped it and shoved the splinters in a box marked “Legends.” Some books ended up cancelled. Some games, too, maybe even comics. Fade to black, and then the curtain parts again and now there are new movies and new books (ahem, Aftermath), and they either ignore the Expanded Universe stories or they pick ideas and characters from them to use now or later.

I get it. It’s the same feeling when a TV show you love gets canceled (looking at you, Firefly). Or when one of the big comic companies takes an entire universe and ends it, or changes it, or reboots it. Shit, I get pissed when Target stops selling a cereal I like, or I discover that a t-shirt or sneaker I like is discontinued. Sneakers, I mean, shit, if Nike or Reebok release a sneaker and you wear it and you like it, next season that sneaker is already on a burning trashpile in the Pacific Ocean and replaced with the next upgraded model and that model sucks because it’s not the shoe you jolly well fucking liked in the first place, and now your brand loyalty for that company is cut off at the knees because they stopped making the thing you like.

So, let me just say: I support you. I hope you get what you want. I have literally no power to make it happen. And I’m sure they wouldn’t hire me for the job anyway because if they hired me to write the Expanded Universe at least a half-dozen of you would probably burn down Disneyland. But I’m all for more stories in the world, and I’m certainly all for more Star Wars stories. Here’s me. Giving you a thumbs-up with a big smile and a glint of hope in my eye.

But, of course, I have some caveats.

The Caveats

1. If it does happen, I’d expect it to be a limited series. “One last trilogy” sort of thing. Again: I have no insider information in this regard, and I have no reason to believe this is even happening. I’m just saying, if it does happen, I would expect it to take the form of a bone thrown in your direction rather than a revivified Legends directive.

2. It also probably won’t happen at all. You need to prepare yourselves for that. The reasons it probably won’t happen are many. For instance:

a) It takes a lot of ecosystem to fire up a new publishing line, and that’s sort of what’s happening here. It takes staff, it takes money, it takes time out of a publishing schedule. Publishing is slow. It’s already understaffed. I speak from experience. This isn’t a case of JUST FLIP THE SWITCH AND BRING BACK LEGENDS. Mountains need to be moved.

b) Right now, Disney has a pretty sweet thing going, and seeing them switch gears — even temporarily — would surprise me. The new movie did huge numbers. The books are selling well — and despite some who want to assure me that Aftermath did not sell well, it, ahh, it really did. It sold big. It lingered on the bestseller charts. I have a very small royalty percentage compared to my other books (most tie-in work offers you no royalties), and even with that truncated royalty, I just got a royalty check that was bigger than some of my advances. I don’t say that to brag (okay, humblebrag, maybe), but just to clarify: the book sold well and continues to sell well even now. So, it’s hard imagining why Disney would have interest in suddenly returning to stories that don’t connect to the larger narrative.

c) That larger narrative is actually part of the problem for Legends — it’s quite a big deal that, at present, everything coming out regarding Star Wars is connected. That’s not true really with anything else, I don’t believe, at least not at this scale. It is all, relatively-speaking, “canon.” To suddenly introduce these other stories that aren’t connected opens Disney up to branding confusion. People yelling at them on social about how they thought Han and Leia had only one kid and is Rey actually Jaina and wait is Kylo and the Knights of Ren in these books and HOLD UP IS MARA JADE REY’S MOM. You’re fans, so you understand the difference. But the average reader doesn’t see the difference. They have a limited view of canon and think that if they pick up a new Star Wars book it’ll probably connect to the movies or the other new books. When that fails, that creates disappointment.

d) It bears repeating: Disney probably wants to avoid branding confusion. At all costs. At least until all the movies are out and that part of the story has been told.

e) You may not have the numbers to demonstrate support for the continuation of Legends. The Indiegogo campaign had 146 backers and raised $4,784. No small feat and really cool. But 146 people is not enough to support a line of books. And 1,146 people isn’t enough. And maybe, 11,146 people wouldn’t do it, either. They want to sell 100,000 copies of a book.

f) A lot of “fan-demanded” projects actually don’t earn out. Serenity eventually made it on DVD, but in the theater, was a bomb. When a TV show comes back based on fan demand, it often ends up getting canceled again anyway because the reality is, core fandom isn’t enough to support big meaty narrative universes. Fandom by its nature represents the most excited members, sure, but most big properties thrive on non-fans — people who don’t want to read 100 other books to understand this one they just bought. Narrower, niche properties can live on the support of fandom. But Star Wars is not a narrow, niche property.

3. If it doesn’t happen, I might encourage you to summon peace with that reality. There does come a point when your energy can best be spent elsewhere. Share your love with other great stories, even if they’re not inside Star Wars. This isn’t me smacking your hand and saying JUST GET OVER IT, LOSERS. But it is vital to recognize the reality that you neither own nor control this stuff, and you still have hundreds of great Legends stories that you can still enjoy. That’s huge. And I know it’s not fair, but life is frequently full of unfair things and part of our skillset as human beings is how we inoculate ourselves against disappointment.

4. Also, hey, you can sorta take ownership and control of the Legends continuity through the power of fan-fiction. Fan-fiction informed me and I don’t look down it. Nor should anybody. It’s a great way to be creative and also continue exploring a narrative universe that either left you behind or you left behind. It allows you to continue engagement with that world. So rad.

The Final Caveat

Many of you are nice and passionate. Thanks for being fans — if not of mine or my work, then of Star Wars in general. It’s a universe under a big, big tent. That’s a good thing.

Sometimes, though, in fandom, passion becomes tainted — shot through with the sepsis of frustration. And further, sometimes fandom attracts people who are, mmm, maybe not the finest specimens of humanity, and when that happens, harassment occurs. As it has occurred amongst the Bring Back Legends movement.

You need to get your house in order.

What I mean is, harassment is not a good way to get what you want. It is, in fact, a very good way to be dismissed. It is a great way to be seen as bullies. And nobody wants to give you more Legends if the way you get it has been by protracted campaigns of harassment or even by rogue members of your campaigns and Facebook groups demonstrating very bad behavior. Some other fans who operate fansites have felt harassed and bullied (for instance: this post at Tosche Station). I’ve seen it in person. I’ve seen it online. I’ve seen what happens at the Star Wars Books public Facebook page (and whoever runs that page has the patience of the saint and is hopefully paid a merciful six figures). Threats to spoil The Force Awakens came out of an Expanded Universe group. This is not unknown. It is real.

I know I’ve been on the end of harassment — not just for the content of Aftermath but sometimes because I am somehow held responsible for having ended the EU, or because I’m not Timothy Zahn or because I supposedly hate Legends, or, or, or. I get emails. People tweet angrily at me every week. I get hate and harassment flooded in my direction just because I wrote a book. It’s not awesome, and it’s certainly not endearing. The public relations manager of the Indiegogo campaign for the billboard made this video about me, which — *whistles* — I don’t even know what to say about that except I hope he’s okay. It is not his only video of… dubious content.

It’s not fun. It’s not funny. It’s harmful to your cause and to the victims who endure. And I know that it’s #NotAllLegendsFans, but that doesn’t really salve the sting of harassment that both fans and professionals have felt.

I hope you get more books. Sincerely. I cheer you on. More stories is more goodness.

I also hope some of you stop your worst behaviors and your worst members. Because they have dominated this conversation and poisoned your efforts from within. It’s time to grow up and be better. Demonstrate your desires with love and outreach, not hate and spite. Even if that doesn’t get you what you want, it at least keeps the slate clean and ensures that nobody feels harassed.

Best of luck.

Comments, sharing and liking are disabled for this post because, as I said, this is just the open letter I’m referring to in me Open letter post.


Occasionally a good movie (like Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings😀 ) is airing on Croatian Radio-Television (cro. Hrvatska radiotelevizija – HRT).

The point is that most foreign programming on Croatian TV is subtitled (exceptions are shows for children, which are usually dubbed, and documentaries and foreign news, which are usually voice-overred). That being said, you can enjoy a good movie (maybe a good series😮 ) as long as you understand the original lingo. Since, they’re mostly in English anyway, as long as you understand this post, you’re good to watch movies on Croatian TV😉 All you need outside Croatia is either a satellite dish able to receive Croatian channels …or a stream😀

The only problem with subtitles in Croatia, and other “subtitling” countries I guess, is that subtitles of the main language are sometimes removed when a “foreign” lingo appears in a show. For example, there are no English subtitles for Old Norse, Old English and Old French (and another lingo that might appear) in Vikings, a favourite show of mine.

Well, I don’t know about other channels, but there is a (legal) stream of HRT (1, 2, 3, 4 of which HRT4 is a news channel, so you won’t be interested in that one; while you’re likely to like HRT3 very much if you’re a lover of classic movies because they usually run on HRT3 …at least I think so😀 ). Of course, if you find a stream of another Croatian channel (Bosnian, Serbian and/or Slovenian will also do😀 ), do tell me:) Anyway, streams of HRT are available on HRTi. If you had already clicked on the link, you noticed that the page, and most importantly the (free) registration, is in Croatian. I’m gonna tell you how to register and watch the streams.

So… go to Click on PRIJAVA in top right corner.

NOTE A message HRTi koristi kolačiće (eng. cookies) kako bi vam pružio bolje korisničko iskustvo. Nastavkom pregleda stranice slažete se sa korištenjem kolačića. Pročitajte više! might appear when you’re on HRTi. That’s HRTi politely informing you that the site uses cookies. Just click Zatvori obavijest in the red box.

Now, see Niste registrirani? Registrirajte se besplatno? Click on Registrirajte se.


The registration form is going to appear.

registration_formFields marked with * must be filled. Enter your name in Ime, enter your surname in Prezime, your email address in Email and the password you’d like to use for HRTi in Lozinka.
If you’re a guy check Muško and Žensko if you’re a gal. Enter your date of birth in Datum rođenja.
EXPLANATION OF THE DATE OF BIRTH: When you click on Datum rođenja, a calendar is going to pop up.
calendarClick on veljača or whatever to get the list of the months (siječanj – January, veljača – February, ožujak – March, travanj – April, svibanj – May, lipanj – June, srpanj – July, kolovoz – August, rujan – September, listopad – October, studeni – November, prosinac – December). Click on Odaberite godinu! to get the list of years. Click on a number in the calendar to select the day.
Click Hrvatska to open a drop-down menu to choose your country. Most countries in Croatian have either a name similar to their international name (e.g. Austria is Austrija) or to their native name (e.g. Hungary is Mađarska, somewhat similar to Hungarian name of Magyarország). If you can’t find your country on the list, just enter your country name into Google Translate and tell Google to translate into Croatian or go to Wikipedia or whatever. Actually, you might wanna do that before search for a country just to save time😉 United States of America does differ a lot and I guess you Yanks are likely to be reading this post, and thus trying HRTi. Anyway, United States (of America) are Sjedinjene (Američke) Države (SAD)😀 Grad is city/town (just enter the closest bigger city to you).
You can also enter your address (in Adresa) and ZIP code (in Poštanski broj).
Before proceeding check Nisam robot and Prihvaćam uvjete korištenja HRTi usluge.
Now just click Registrirajte se in the red box. A message to check your email will pop up, so now you check your e-mail😀
Find an e-mail Potvrdite vašu e-mail adresu from HRTi Korisnička služba <> (check your spam if you don’t find the email in your inbox), open it and scroll down to Potvrdi in a red box. Click on it.
emailHRTi will open in your browser, telling you you’re registered. You’re done.

When you go to now, click on PRIJAVA again if you’re not logged in; enter your email in Upišite Vaš email and your password in Upišite Vašu lozinku. Then click on PRIJAVA in the red box.

Now to move your mouse over UŽIVO in the top left corner. A drop-down menu with the list of channels is going to appear. Choose, say HRT2 and a screen like this should appear:


I guess you should be able to navigate the player. To log out, just move the mouse over your name in top right corner where PRIJAVA used to be (it says MARKO in my case) and click Odjava.

I guess I should say that Croatia is in Central European Time Zone, meaning that prime time is either sometime between 19:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT or sometime between between 18:00 GMT and 21:00 GMT depending on DST. DST in Europe starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October (since it’s February now, DST is off and the bold prime time is currently in effect😀 ). True, the stream is a few minutes behind, but that’s negligible.


P.S. Note that some programming, including a movie now and then might be encoded.

Posted on 21st February 2016 at 00:30 GMT
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Tako ja čitam beogradsko izdanje Witchera, ne razumijem riječ i obratim se Googleu, inače svom dobrom prijatelju. On mi pronađe značenje na Hrvatsko jugosfersko srbskom slovaru. Odmah me naziv slovara zaintrigirao. I tako sam malo prošvrljao po njemu.

Ukratko, da ne tupim, ovdje ću zalijepiti komentar o proslovu slovara koji sam poslao autoru:

Dragi moj “mr. sci. dipl. ing.“:

Filozofira li to o hrvatskom jeziku netko tko osim što koristi slovo X, kojeg nema u hrvatskoj abecedi, u riječima poput “tekst i paradoks”, ne zna ni stvoriti pridjev od imenice, pa umjesto “tekstnih procesa”, ima “tekst procese” (ispričavam se, “text procese”)?

Priča li to netko tko trubi o nezavisnosti o korištenju hrvatskih riječi (da, hrvatska riječ je NEOVISNOST jer mi od ničeg ne zavisimo, nego eventualno o nečem ovisimo)? I onda još trubi o nekoj jugosferi, “srbsko-hrvatskom” jeziku i razlici između hrvatskog i srbskog.
Određena slova u prethodnoj rečenici su podebljana da malo naglasim Vašu mr. sci. diplomiranu inženjersku licemjernost. S jedne strane tu je zalaganje za korijenski pravopis što se vidi u negiranju glasovnih promjena u pismu (siguran sam da biste i “prethodnoj”, napisali “predhodnoj”), a s druge strane tu je pak nepridržavanje vlastitog pravila jer ste riječ “razlici” uredno napisali tako – “razlici” – a ne “razliki” što bi zahtijevao pravi korijenski pravopis. Tako biste sigurno i „obrana“ napisali kako se piše iako bi korijenski bila “odbrana”, ali “odbrana” previše podsjeća na srpsku riječ (pardon, mislih “srbsku rieč”) “odbrana”, zar ne?
Tu je i pisanje “vremena”, “vremenom” i sl. Korijenski bi bilo “malo” primjerenije “vrjemena” i “vrjemenom”…

Idemo dalje: Tu je riječ “sport” ili “šport”. Malo istraživanja će vam potvrditi da “sport” nije srpska riječ kao što “šport” hrvatska riječ. “Sport” su Nijemci preuzeli iz engleskog jezika i kako oni sp čitaju /šp/, riječ su počeli izgovarati pogrešno – /šport/ – i kao takvu ju je preuzeo dio Hrvatske (vjerujem da tako naučni mr. sci. dipl. ing. i sam zna da je naša zemlja tijekom povijesti bila rascjepkana), dok je u druge dijelove Hrvatske ipak ušao “sport” u neiskrivljenom obliku. Zato su danas prihvatljiva oba oblika zapravo iste riječi, pa nije bilo ni potrebe mijenjati naziv ministarstva, je li? Ako ćemo baš cjepidlačiti, “sport” je primjereniji korijenskom pravopisu jer je to izvorni oblik. Usput budi rečeno, većina Hrvata danas kaže /sport/ i zašto ih činiti nepismenima?

Prijeđimo na slovo Đ. Ono nije uvedeno zbog neke srpske urote i zavjere. Istina, lingvist koji ga je uveo je bio Srbin i to Srbin koji se zalagao za zajednički hrvatskosrpski jezik. Znači, logika je da je slovo namijenio i za Hrvate i za Srbe. No, izbacimo sad narodnost i jezike. Bez obzira je li slovo namijenjeno za srpski, hrvatskosrpski ili hrvatski, činjenica je da je se slova D i J često pojavljuju zajedno, odnosno da digraf dj nije baš pogodan za glas /đ/. Zapravo, slovo je korisnije hrvatskom jer se dj često pojavljuje u jekavici (npr. “djeca”). Još da onda koristite logiku i je pišete ie kao i ije ili možda umjesto ije, ne bi dolazilo do konflikata (npr. “dieca”), ali logika je očito prezahtjevna za Vas… Baš zbog korištenja ekavice u Srbiji, odnosno mnogo manje dj konflikata, tamo se digraf često koristi i kada je Đ dostupno (pri pisanju latinice, naravno). U svakom slučaju, digraf je znatno korišteniji u Hrvatskoj, gdje mnogi ljudi Đ zamjenjuju običnim D, nego u Srbiji:)

Spomenuo bih rječnik prof. Brodnjaka. Jednostavna i notorna laž je da je rječnik “nestao”. Lako ga možete kupiti u Super knjižari. Također, svaka prominentna znanstvena ustanova ga ima na svojim policama. Postoje samo dva problema kod rječnika: Prvi je da je najnovije izdanje iz 1993., odnosno da rječnik nije ažuriran već dvanaest godina! A ne znam ni kad je ovo zadnje izdanje zadnji put tiskano. Drugi problem je, što tražeći što veći broj različitih riječi, mnoge riječi u rječniku se koriste u hrvatskom i to čak dosta često – sasvim sigurno nam nisu potrebna objašnjenja njihovih značenja – dok s druge strane, mnogo, vjerojatno rjeđih, srpskih riječi nema. To sam uočio čitajući srpske tekstove, zbog kojih sam i kupio rječnik. Često nailazim na riječi kojih u rječniku nema.
Također, naziv rječnika je rječnik, a ne slovar. Na Vaš jugosferski rječnik sam naišao tražeći riječ iz knjige beogradskog izdavača. U biti, kad sam vidio da sam naišao na slovar i da je slovar Hrvatsko jugosfersko srbski, bio sam uvjeren da sam naišao na slovenski rječnik, kojim Slovenci objašnjavaju hrvatske i srpske riječi, kad već ni Hrvati ni Srbi neće. Poanta je da je naziv slovar zavaravanje protivnika.

Lijepi pozdrav,
Ime i prezime

Potom je uslijedio odgovor na moj mail. No, prije nego i njega zalijepim, htio bih reći nešto čega sam se sjetio u međuvremenu.

Radi se o nazivu ministarstva. Kad smo se već dotakli Ministarstva športa, naziv tog ministarstva mi uopće ne smeta kao što sam protiv promjene naziva Ministarstva športa jer za to nema nikakve potrebe Međutim nikako ne razumijem promjenu naziva Ministarstva zdravstva u Ministarstvo zdravlja. Što je zdravlje, a što zdravstvo? Zdravlje je stanje tijela, a zdravstvo je djelatnost zaštite zdravlja. Budući da ministarstvo nije nikakvo tijelo, barem ne u organskom smislu, a u ono je nadležno za djelatnosti zaštite zdravlja i zapravo upravlja njima, promjena naziva nikako nije opravdana. Reći ćete da je ovakvo filozofiranje oko naziva ministarstva beskorisno. Slažem se i jednostavno ne vidim zašto se ispravan naziv mijenjao u pogrešan i pitam se kome je tako bistra ideja uopće pala na pamet…

Još da nadodam, kad već cjepidlačimo, da je i sam naziv slovara netočan čak i kada se koristi korijenski pravopis. Naime, naziv bi trebao biti Hrvatsko-jugosfersko-srbski ili eventualno bez crtica: Hrvatski jugosferski srbski slovar

Mkay, znači naš mr. sci. dipl. ing. mi je odgovorio i ovo je njegov odgovor:

Štovani gospodine

Rado se upuštam u razpravu sa svakim tko je dobronamjeran i spreman je na razpravu “ad rem”, a ne “ad hominem”, jer svaka dobronamjerna i argumentirana primjedba mi je uviek dobro došla. Na žalost, vi me od samog početka vaše poruke nastojite ironično omalovažiti i uvriediti, pa stoga nikakova razprava s vama nema smisla.

Samo Vi živite u svojim jugoslavenskim snovima. Ali, na Vašu žalost Jugoslavije Vam više nema i nikad se neće vratiti.

Na to sam mu poslao sljedeći odgovor:


činjenica je da nemate protuargumenata. Ja sam svoje stavove iznio argumentirano i logički. To što su vaši u ovoj temi stavovi nelogični i licemjerni, ne znači da moji nisu argumentirani. Dobronamjernost je već druga priča. Moji argumenti sasvim sigurno nisu zlonamjerni. Bili su iskreni.Sad što su stavovi u slovaru nelogični i licemjerni, nije moja krivica. Srećom, ni ja nisam za neke razprave, nego više preferiram rasprave… i nemam potrebu za korištenjem stranih, uključujući latinske, frazama.

Što se “Jugoslavije” tiče, bez ikakve uvrede, stvarno je prebijedno nekoga povezivati s Jugoslavijom čim nemate protuargumenata [da, povezivanje s Jugoslavijom nije nikakav (utemeljen) protuargument]. Molim Vas da mi objasnite, zašto bi logika i realnost bile “jugoslavenske”. To više doliči “manje obrazovanim” ljudima, dokazujete da titule ništa ne znače, osim busanja njima (i latinskim izrazima, naravno:) ).

Moram priznati da je zanimljivo Jugoslavija se “meni” nikada više neće vratiti, a pola proslova slovara je posvećeno “pojugoslaviranju” hrvatskog jezika i Hrvatske. Još jedna velika logičnost…
Inače, Ustav RH izričito zabranjuje udruživanje RH s drugim zemljama koje bi na bilo koji način moglo rezultirati formiranjem nove južnoslavenske države, tako da smo relativno “sigurni” od nove Jugoslavije :)

Na kraju ću vam reći kako je vaša tvrdnja o tome da ja živim ili bih živio u “jugoslavenskim snovima” preočita laž, ma koliko je vi željeli prikazati istinitom, ili još, gore vjerujete u nju, ali je činjenica da ja pišem ispravnim hrvatskim pravopisom dok je vaš, nazovimo ga korijenski, pravopis čista želja. Čak i da se uvede korijenski pravopis (ako većina tako želi, tko sam ja da to ne prihvatim?), vjerujem da neće biti ovako licemjeran da sve pišemo korijenski, osim onoga što se nekom ne sviđa.

Lijepi pozdrav,
Ime i prezime

To je valjda kraj naše korespondencije, ali bumo videli …rekli su slepci😀

Što se tiče samog slovara, odnosno rječnika, on je koristan. Na stranu što je pisan “novohrvatskim”, obuhvaća hrvatskosrpski vokabular – znači i hrvatske i srpske i zajedničke nam riječi (npr. pod hrvatskim jasno piše kazalište, a pod srbskim pozorište tako da je Srbinu jasno ko dan da je kazalište pozorište, a Hrvatu da je pozorište kazalište:) ). U kratko, Jugosferski slovar je rječnik kakvog nemaju muda napraviti ni lingvisti s ove ni lingvisti s one strane Save, Dunava i Drine.

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Oluja i nevrijeme

Pozdrav raja!

Moji Purgegri se sigurno pitaju Kakva krvava oluja?! Kakvo krvavo nevrijeme po ovako sunčanom i vedrom danu? U ovom postu se, naravno, radi o reakcijama preko Dunava (i preko Save😮 ) o obilježavanju Oluje, općenito o Oluji, a i o samom Ratu, a ne o vremenskim (ne)prilikama😀

Na ovaj post me ponukalo jučerašnje bljezgarenje Tomislava Nikolića, Milorada Dodika i Aleksandra Vučića. Doduše, iskreno, Vučić je ovaj put bio mkay. Njega je ovaj put zamijenio onaj pop s kenjanjem da su protjerani protjerani isključivo zato što su Srbi i pravoslavci i da su im to učinili kršćanska braća.

Ime popa ne znam i tu je ono bitno o postu. Jutrošnji plan je bio da cijeli post popratim linkovima pa tako napišem i ime dotičnog popa; ali, iskreno, ne da mi se u to upuštati. Post će ionako biti poprilično dug. Većina ovdje napisanog je snimljena i onaj tko baš traži potvrdu, neće nikakvog imati problema u pronalaženju izvora. Ostalo je, pak, dostupno u pisanom obliku. U kratko, remember, Google is your friend😉 …barem ako nisi u Sjevernoj Koreji ×D Ako netko pronađe nešto konkretno što proturiječi ičem napisanim ovdje, neka ostavi komentar (naravno, komentari su općenito dobrodošli):)

Otkud krenuti? Možda bih prvo trebao objasniti zakon akcije i reakcije. Narodski rečeno: kad nekog jebeš, jebeš i jebeš, kad-tad ćeš dobiti po pički od te jebene stranke.

Što se same Oluje tiče, shvaćam srpsku potrebu da ima negativni pogled na Oluju i u njoj vidi samo zločine (kojih je nedvojbeno bilo). Međutim, tvrdnje poput Vučićeve, da je Oluja najveći zločin u Europi poslije Drugog svjetskog rata su krajnje bezobrazne. Nakon svega što su srpske snage učinile u Ratu – od Vukovara do Srebrenice – on ima obraza reći da je Oluja “najveći zločin u Evropi posle Drugog svetskog rata”!

Znači, Oluja je prije svega bila vojna akcija oslobođenja okupiranog teritorija. I zamisli ti, u akciji je prolivena krv! Evo, ja se ispričavam u ime RH što zemlju nismo oslobađali vodenim pištoljima…

Da vidimo dalje, jučerašnji Nikolićev govor na Fruškoj gori je čisti dokaz da se đubre nije udaljilo od četništva kolko je crno pod noktom (nije ni čudo da još uvijek nosi čin četničkog vojvode koliko je meni poznato).

Prvo, što ni nema baš veze s četništvom, nego s običnim bezobrazlukom je Nikolićeva izjava da Oluja nije ništa junačko jer je izvršen napad na nemoćno, malobrojno i slabije naoružano stanovništvo! Pretpostavljam da je Vukovar bio pun komandosa i specijalaca kada su došli hrabri srpski vojinici… Naravno, razlika između Vukovara i Knina (Krajine, općenito) je ta što Vukovar nije bio okupiran, odnosno njegovo sravnjenje sa Zemlje nije bilo u cilju oslobođenja, i da Knin uopće nije sravnjen sa Zemlje. Doduše, prema Nikoliću, Vukovar je srpski grad, pa su ga Srbi “hrabro oslobodili”. Koja je logika da grad koji ideš “osloboditi” sravniš sa Zemlje?!
Također, Hrvatska na početku Rata nije imala nikakvu vojsku i nije imala nikakvo naoružanje što dobro pokazuje kakvo je srpsko “oslobođenje” Vukovara junaštvo i herojstvo bilo… Da, Tomek, jučerašnji mimohod je pokazao pravu snagu hrvatske vojske danas i uvjeravam te da smo imali takvu vojsku 1991., do Oluje nikada ne bi došlo jer tvoji drugovi ne bi uspjeli okupirati ni (kvadratni) milimetar naše zemlje.
I onda ta pičkasta pizda od nikolićevske spodobe, ima obraza govoriti o “paradi srama”!

Sada, ono što ga je “otkrilo”: izjava da je Hrvatska oslobađala teritorij NDH. Prvo, ta izjava govori koliko zapravo Nikolić drži do granica Srbije, Hrvatske i BiH. Jedini razlog zašto sad ne pravi dar-mar je to što Srbija više nema moć. Na kraju krajeva, i danas je izjavio da Srbija nikada neće priznati “ustašku” hrvatsku državu. Dobri primjeri za nemoćnost Srbije su Kosovo i Crna Gora.
Još krajem devedesetih (desetljeća kad je Srbija bila moćna) je Srbija radila dar-mar po Kosovu, a danas?! Kosovo je čak proglasilo neovisnost! A Srbija ne može ništa poduzeti oko toga. Može samo nepriznavati neovisnost Kosova, ali to je to. Slično kao i RS (poslije ću još doći do RS-a), Kosovo funkcionira kao samostalna država. Jedina razlika između Kosova i RS-a je da je Dayton prisilio RS da prizna suverenitet BiH – iako Dodik sere o referendumu – i da, time, međunarodna zajednica prizna postojanje RS-a (ali u granicama BiH što vlasti u RS-u često zaboravljaju…). Mkay, za razliku od RS-a, Kosovo nije umjetna tvorevina i granice Kosova postoje već dugo u povijesti i historiji (sad, jesu li to granice pokrajine ili države, to je već drugi padež). Ipak, ovo nije post o Kosovu.
Prijeđimo na Crnu Goru. Crna Gora je odlučila raskinuti sve (unutar-političke) veze sa Srbijom tek 2006. godine, kada Srbija više nije mogla “burno” reagirati. U prilog tome govori i rezultat referenduma za neovisnost u kojem je svega 55 % građana Crne Gore glasalo za neovisnost. Ipak, Srbija je ovaj, tijesni, rezultat referenduma prihvatila bez pretjeranog gunđanja.
Znači, izjava o granicama NDH. Meni se čini da nečiji predsjednik baš i nije upućen ni u noviju europsku povijest ni u njenu noviju historiju. Predlažem dotičnom predsjedniku da u ruke uzme kartu NDH (bilo onu prije kapitulacije Italije ili onu poslije; može i obje:) ), kartu SR Hrvatske i kartu Republike Hrvatske. Možda onda primijeti kako su granice RH “malo sličnije” granicama SRH od granica NDH.
Podsjetio bih tog predsjednika na jugoslavenski ustav iz 1971. Naime u taj ustav lijepo kaže da se svaka republika ima pravo odvojiti od Jugoslavije unutar svojih granica. Da, R u SRH je republika. Znači, i Hrvatska i BiH (i Slovenija i Makedonija) su proglasile suverenitet upravo nad teritorijem untar granica republike; ali netko je odlučio formirati neke kvazidržave u tim granicama. Ali kada Hrvatska oslobodi svoj teritorij (teritorij od bivše SRH) od takvih kvazidržava, ona “vraća granice NDH”.

Sad da se malo osvrnem na popa s izjavom da su protjerani protjerani isključivo zato što su Srbi i pravoslavci i to još od strane kršćanske braće! Zanimljivo je da ga nije bilo briga kad je “protjerani kršćanski brat” sravnio Vukovar, grad s “kršćanskom braćom”, sa Zemlje i radio dar-mar nad “kršćanskom braćom” po “bratskoj kršćanskoj zemlji”…

Što se samog protjerivanja tiče, činjenica je da nitko nikog nije tjerao. Srbi su slobodno mogli ostati na oslobođenom teritoriju (sam Tuđman je pozvao sve Srbe, koji nisu izravno sudjelovali u pobuni, da ostano u oslobođenoj Hrvatskoj). Hrvatska vojska je došla na već ispražnjen prostor i nije baš bilo nekoga za protjerati. Teze su da bi “ustaške” snage pobile Srbe da su ostali. Tu je problem na dvije razine: prvo, dobrovoljno si otišao bez obzira na razlog, odnosno nitko te nije tjerao; drugo, neki Srbi su ostali i da su svi pobijeni, danas u Hrvatskoj Srbi ne bi bili najveća manjina, odnosno nije istina da bi Srbi bili pobijeni da su ostali. Pogotovo zato što bi da je ostao veći broj bilo teže počiniti i one zločine koji jesu počinjeni.
Iako se prema izjavama srpskih političara čini da oni nisu svjesni gore pojašnjenog zakona akcije i reakcije, Krajiški Srbi su ga bili itekako svjesni i u prevelikom strahu od njega.

Činjenica je da su neki Srbi pobijeni nakon Oluje. Međutim, riječ je o manjem broju (puno manjem od broja pobijenog nesrpskog stanovništva tokom Rata…). To potvrđuje sama demografija: Popisom iz 1991., popisano je 581 663 Srba (12,5 % ukupnog stanovništva) u SRH. Popisom iz 2001. je popisan 201 631 Srbin (4,54 % ukupnog stanovništva) u RH. Iako su Srbi najveća manjina, njihov broj je pao za 350 002. Koliko je od tog broja iselilo, a koliko je ubijeno? Znači, uz sva ratna stradavanja, usprkos zakonu akcije i reakcije, uz sva iseljavanja (sama Srbija govori o abnormalno velikom broju) i uz općeniti pad broja stanovnika (ukupni broj stanovnika Hrvatske 1991. je bio 4 784 265, a 2001. 4 437 460), Srbi su i dalje najveća manjina u Hrvatskoj.

U kratko, umjesto da se Srbija pokrije ušima i šuti o Ratu – ratu u kojem nijedan ni hrvatski, ni bošnjački vojnik nije zakoračio ni (kvadratni) milimetar u teritorij tadašnje SRJ – Srbija još provocira! To licemjerje! Tu seru o politici pomirenja, a onda provociraju sa sranjima poput onog da je “Oluja najveći zločin u modernoj Europi nakon Drugog svjetskog rata”…

Hrvatski političari šalju različite “odgovore” na ove provokacije. Ja imam sam jedan (od samo šest riječi:) ): ODITE U TRI PIČKE MATERINE BEZOBRAZNE!

Sada bih se osvrnuo na jučerašnje pismo (ili šta već je) SNV-a povodom obilježavanja Oluje. Ako zanemarimo “protjerivanje”, tekst je dobro napisan… osim jedne zanimljivosti. Naime, o krajiškim Srbima se piše kao o protjeranim hrvatskim državljanima. Stvarno je zanimljivo kako raju koja je otvoreno zaratila protiv hrvatske države da bi stvorila svoju državu odjednom čine hrvatski državljani
Jedino što uistinu zamjeram SNV-u je da ni Pupovac ni bilo koji drugi član Vijeća nikada nije kritizirao Nikolićevo i slično bljezgarenje. Čak nisu kritizirali ni šešeljevsko govno…

Mislim da je ovo dobar trenutak i da se osvrnem na kamenovanje Vučića u Potočarima. Svojim provokacijama, Vučić je zaslužio da dobije po pički. Komemoracija nije baš prikladno mjesto za to, ali negdje je morao dobiti po pički.
Ipak, komemoracija je baš poetično mjesto. Naime, Vučić uz sve dokaze tvrdi da u Srebrenici nije bilo genocida. Zato je odgovorno tvrdim da on nije ničim pogođen u Potočarima i da uopće nije izvrijeđan😉
Sam Vučić je relativno dostojanstveno prihvatio incident. Dodik je taj koji je morao srati o atentatu na srpskog premijera koji je organizirao nitko drugi nego bošnjačko vodstvo! Mkay, ili je bošnjačko vodstvo totalno nesposobno (mislim da je olovo malo učinkovitije i od kamenja i od tenisica😉 ) ili je možda kojim slučajnim slučajem raja popizdila da mućki provokator dođe s “rukom pomirenja” na komemoraciju genocida koji uporno poriče.
Što se ovogodišnje komemoracije srebreničkog genocida tiče, jedna izjava mi je upečatljiva, a to je da je Republika Srpska dokaz da se genocid ipak isplati. Ipak je Dayton, kojim je priznata RS, potpisan nedugo nakon genocida, a Srebrenica, u kojoj je RS počinila genocid, je ušla u sastav RS-a. Ono, kao nagrada za genocid…

Ipak ovo nije post o RS-u (barem ne u potpunosti:) ). Više o njoj u jednom od najstarijih postova na Blogu za istraživanje ruda i gubljenje vremena, postu povezanim s ovim postom, postu potaknutim reakcijama u RS-u na film U zemlji krvi i medaProšlo je “dvadeset” godina… Sam film U zemlji krvi i meda je dokaz zamršenosti BiH danas. Osim očitih kontradiktornih reakcije iz Federacije (u Sarajevu je zbog filma Angelina Jolie proglašena počasnom građankom Grada) i iz RS-a (u Banjaluci je Jolie praktički zabranjeno koračanje po RS-u), moj kolega bloger jaran Sarajlija Muda od Labuda bi vjerojatno već napisao kritiku o filmu da film nije dočekan na nož u pola njegove domovine:)

Ipak, mislim da nam je susjedna BiH savršena za prikaz tko su zločesti momci među Hrvatima, Bošnjacima i Srbima, ako već tražimo zločeste momke. Naime, iako se Bošnjaci i mi svađamo, nadmećemo, mećemo si itd., ipak možemo živjeti zajedno. Dokaz za to je današnja podjela BiH: S jedne strane imamo bošnjačko-hrvatski entitet Federaciju BiH, a s druge posebni srpski entitet Republiku Srpsku. Znači, tri konstitutivna naroda, dva entiteta. Budimo realni, jedini razlog postojanja Federacije je postojanje RS-a. Federacija je ta koja koristi obilježja BiH u većini situacija u kojima RS koristi obilježja RS-a. Zapravo, Federacija nema ni službenu zastavu. U Federaciji se uglavnom govori o “Bosni i Hercegovini”, a u RS-u o “Srpskoj”. Evo, i tijekom prošlogodišnjih katastrofalnih poplava koje su pogodile naše zemlje, Dodik je od Rusije tražio pomoć za RS (tko jebe Federaciju…), a većina RS portala je imala linkove Pomozite dijelovima RS zahvaćenim katastrofalnim poplavama, kao da ostatak BiH uopće nije poplavljen. Čak i da nije bio, bilo bi logično da svejedno piše BiH a ne RS. RS portale posjećuju i građani Federacije. Iako su, oni koji su mogli, sigurno pomogli bez obzira što piše – RS ili BiH – ali bi da je pisalo Pomozite dijelovima BiH zahvaćenim katastrofalnim poplavama, u najmanju ruku, izazvalo poštovanje među nesrpskim stanovništvom BiH. Ovako još kada su poplave pogodile i Federaciju i RS…
Istina, dio Rata su se Bošnjaci i Hrvati međusobno tukli, ali smo ušli i izašli iz Rata kao saveznici. Washingtonski sporazum, sporazum koji je zacementirao Federaciju je potpisan godinu dana prije Daytona, u kojem su Federacija i RS konačno definirane. Također, čak i tijekom Hrvatsko-bošnjačkog sukoba, bošnjačkim izbjeglicama u Hrvatskoj nije ništa uskraćeno i prema njima se postupalo jednako kao prije i poslije Sukoba, odnosno kao da nikakvog sukoba nije ni bilo. Nadalje, Herceg-Bosna, hrvatski “entitet” u Ratu je, za razliku od RS-a, tijekom cijelog svog postojanja priznavala suverenitet Republike Bosne i Hercegovine nad svojim teritorijem.

Na kraju da još spomenem plan Z4. Z4 je plan osmišljen u Zagrebu 1994. od strane SAD-a i Rusije. Cilj plana je bila mirna reintegracija Krajine. Ta reintegracija je podrazumijevala priznavanje Krajine kao entiteta više-manje kao daytonskog RS-a. Međutim, Krajina je Z4 glatko odbila. To dovoljno govori o težnji za mirom sa srpske strane… Također, pokazuje kako je Oluja zapravo bila uspješna. Osim oslobođenja, nedugo nakon operacije je potpisan Dayton kojim je formalno oformljena RS slična zamišljenoj Z4 Krajini. Srbi su prihvatili rješenje za BiH za koje nisu htjeli ni čuti godinu i pol dana prije jer su vidjeli kako bi zapravo mogli dobiti po pički i u Bosni ako nastave jebati. Odjednom je entitet postao savršeno rješenje…

P.S. U Srbiji i RS se hrvatski Dan zahvalnosti (današnji dan – 5.8.) od ove godine obilježava kao Dan sjećanja. Da, trebalo im je dvadeset godina da ga počnu tako obilježavati (to je valjda ono “prošlo je dvadeset godina”)… Iskreno, nije me pretjerano briga kako se u Srbiji obilježava 5.8. Kao što rekoh razumijem, srpsku potrebu da na Oluju gleda negativno, ali takvo obilježavanje današnjeg dana u RS-u, gdje su Hrvati konstitutivan narod… Još jedan dokaz da si RS svašta dopušta!

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Scientific bull… (you know the rest)

Do you take what scientists and researchers write and publish for granted? You shouldn’t.

No, I’m not supporting conspiracy theories or promoting stuff like creationism in favour of evolution. There are just times when you read a scientific article and just know the stuff you’ve just read is utter bull… crap?!

Many people, especially scientists and other intellectuals, speak against Wikipedia and other open projects because anyone can edit such a database and, indeed, they are right, but when you see what can be found in a work labelled as “scientific“, a work whose authors are prestigious university professors and such… you come to realize that Wikipedia and other open projects are a bastion of knowledge, especially since texts on a decent open project are often verified – you just might be unlucky to stumble upon a text before its verification. Scientific works, on the other hand, are not verified. After all, who’d verify a text written by a “prestigious” scientist?

Anyway, one such “prestigious” scientist is Spike Peterson, a respected professor of the University of Arizona.

I am talking about her article Political Identities / Nationalism as Heterosexism published in International Feminist Journal in 1999.

Pretty much from the start I got the impression the article is overexaggerated and a bit outstretched, but I just thought well, I may find it that way, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. However, that was before I came to this part:

Particularly chilling examples of decrying abortion as treason are quoted in Julie Mostov’s discussion of nationalism in the Balkans. She writes:

Croatian President Franjo Tuđman blamed the tragedy of Croatian nation on “women, pornography and abortion”…

Mkay, first let’s make it clear that I do not idolize Tuđman nor do I go into a trance whenever I see or hear his name because he was the first Croatian president – the president who led the country through the war – like many of my country mates (both man and women). Many things (both positive and negative) can be said about him [the biggest negative in my eyes being his plan to divide Bosnia with Milošević (sadly and ironically Bosnia has ended up divided anyway😦 just not the way Tuđman planned)]. One thing, that simply can’t be said about him is that he had anything against women, let alone blaming them for the “tragedy of Croatian nation” (I do wonder what kind of tragedy that is😮 ).

To further elaborate, these are the notes I took about the quote:

Although Tuđman is often idealized in Croatia, he did have his vices (such as wanting to divide Bosnia). However, he definitely did not blame the “tragedy” of Croatian nation on women and abortion. Firstly, some of his close associates were women, one of whom, Jadranka Kosor, became Croatian Prime Minister a decade later. Secondly, he was proud of the rights women in Croatia had (and still have) (including the right to abort) and had no intention of reducing them. If indeed he thought of the abortion as such a “tragedy”, there wouldn’t be any discussions about illegalizing abortions in Croatia now because they would have been illegalized a long time ago since Tuđman was Alfa & Omega of Croatia in the nineties. I can’t be sure what stance regarding pornography the late President had. All I know is that his nephew’s (“Porno Tuđman”) porno film is quite popular on the Internet.

So, after finding out that at least one of “particularly chilly examples of decrying abortion as treason” (the other being Hungarian nationalists tying abortion to the death of the nation and decreeing it “national catastrophe”, which I can’t vouch for) is an utter lie, I began to question the overall quality of the article …and the overall quality of Spike Peterson as a research for not doing the slightest check of the stuff she wrote …and the overall quality of the University of Arizona for having such lousy researcher(s) and actually sponsoring them. After all, it’s been 16 years since the article was published and so far I haven’t seen an apology of Peterson nor of the University. Actually, I’m pretty sure Peterson still believes the crap she wrote. I got the impression that Peterson had been in her cosy little office in Arizona “doing research” not stepping one cm² outside the US (maybe even Arizona) her whole life and, thus, not gaining any first-hand experience. To put it in simply, she trashed things she knew nothing about expect of what she’d heard.

As you can see, Peterson didn’t make the crap up. Rather, she quoted Julie Mostov, another “prestigious” professor [this one from Drexel University (so, yeah, I have my doubts about the quality Drexel University, just like I have my doubts about the quality of the University of Arizona for the same reason)]. The work she quoted is “Our Women”/”Their Women” Symbolic Boundaries, Territorial Markers, and Violence in the Balkans from 1995.

I, of course, checked Mostov’s article before making my final opinion (the article is a babbling similar to Peterson’s with no first-hand experience). I found the quote like, obviously, Peterson had done before me. However, unlike Peterson, I actually checked the “source” of her information. Surprise, surprise, unlike Peterson’s article, Mostov’s doesn’t even have a clear reference to the claim about Tuđman, merely a footnote not really leading any way.

Since both Peterson and Mostov strike me like people who’d jump on me being a sexists or having something against women just because I criticized the two of them, the two big feminists; no, I’m nothing of the sort. Those of you who have dropped an eye on my previous posts can vouch for me. Anyway, there are two reasons why me criticizing you like this doesn’t make me a sexist (nor anything of the sort): One – neither of you two is the centre of the universe (you’re neither the sole two human beings nor the sole two women), so something being said about you doesn’t affect the rest of humanity (nor just the female part). Two – I’m not obsessed with the contents of people’s pants. The fact is that both of you are poor researchers (especially Mostov since Peterson’s only real crime is trusting people like Mostov) and put shame on your universities and on the scientific community as a whole, and you’d be the same poor researchers who would still bring the same shame if you had balls in your pants.

A few days ago Business Insider published the article 23 Words that don’t exist in English but perfectly capture the experience of travel. Indeed, what does travel have in common with science and research? I can’t think of anything expect that sometimes discoveries are made during travel. Well, you can definitely conduct research while travelling. Actually, sometimes the sole purpose of travelling is conducting research. Anyway, a Finnish word, huuhaa is on the list (as is Croatian word vukojebina😀 ). Aye, I love pretty much everything Finnish, but what makes huuhaa interesting is its meaning: according to Business Insider, huuhaa are “unfounded or unscientific claims and beliefs used to scam people” (aye, I need a Fin to verify the meaning😀 ). I do wonder whether Peterson and Mostov just pulled a huuhaa or two😮

Now, I wouldn’t be any better than Mostov and Peterson if I didn’t provide you with the articles in question so you can make your own mind, wouldn’t I?

Political Identities / Nationalism as Heterosexism by Spike Peterson is available here.
“Our Women”/”Their Women” Symbolic Boundaries, Territorial Markers, and Violence in the Balkans is available here. Unfortunately, you can only download the article for free from an institution registered to Wiley Online Library. I suggest you try downloading the article from the nearest (university) library. If the library you’re at doesn’t have free access to Wiley, I recommend Googling a bit because it is very likely the article is available in another similar database, a database your library does have free access to. I apologize for not giving you the article directly, but I don’t want to break any copyright.

In the end, I’d like to show you the notes I took of Political Identities / Nationalism as Heterosexism during the reading. You can download them here:)


Posted on 31st May 2015 at 15:46 GMT
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Star Wars: Rebels

I have just watched the last episode of Star Wars: Rebels.

So Mickey the Rat said: No, the rebellion hadn’t started the way it was described in “The Force Unleashed and Kyle Katarn did not steal Death Star plans [meaning that I went through all that trouble of enduring the crappy graphics of Dark Forces in the first level of the game for nothing😀 ] (and other crap too) and what did we get in return?! Another Saturday morning cartoon (the other being The Clone Wars), of course!

Somehow, I hoped that Star Wars: Rebels would be a real series with real actors about a realistic rebel cell😮

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Star Wars is being shown to the younger public. That’s a great way to introduce people with Star Wars from the earliest age! However, Star Wars I knew wasn’t a children’s show in essence. Yet, that is exactly what Star Wars has become of late. I wish I could say that the process’s been going on since Disney’s acquisition. Unfortunately, the process has been going on as early as The Clone Wars when the canon priority was given to the cartoon. The Rat has even gone further by saying that everything except the movies (I’m pretty sure he’d cancel the previous movies too if he could) and the bloody cartoon ain’t canon. Then they make another Saturday morning cartoon making it canon while cancelling stuff like the mentioned Force Unleashed, Dark Forces, Shadows of the Empire and so on. So yeah, you can make as many cartoons as you want, but you should give priority to the real stuff. Since the rat cancelled everything from the Expanded Universe, why did he keep a Saturday morning cartoon canon?!

I know that Maul cut in half with his mechanical legs is cool to kids, but as your brain develops, you know that it is idiotic to imply that someone would survive without taking neither a piss nor a shit for 10 years (his body being cut from the ass below and him being on a planet with no medical care for these 10 years…). That lighsaber of the Inquisitor might look cool, but everyone can see how impractical and clumsy such a weapon would be… not to mention the blade spinning is just a tiny bit improbable and silly. What about a kid shooting stormtroopers down with a slingshot? What about a droid having a jet engine where its midwheel is in other scenes? Then there is an asteroid with breathable atmosphere, normal gravity and temperate temperatures. Even as a kid I knew that such an asteroid is unlikely to say the least…
On top of all of it, the rat introduced childishness in the movies. Check the idiotic saber in this trailer of Episode VII. It’s, actually, supposed to be cool and I’m sure kids find it cool but, seriously, what is the bloody purpose of having deadly lasers popping out of the hilt?! I mean, they are too small to threaten the opponent, but perfect for cutting the wielder’s fingers. I mean, yeah crossguard is quite shiny and useful on a steel sword, but on a lightsaber also known as lasersword (LASER – figure it out yourself)… So, the Rat decided to keep more of the Expended Universe! In addition to a Saturday morning cartoon, he dug out an idiotic lightsaber (crossguard lightsaber, a saber like the one as seen in the trailer already appeared in a comic)!

And why is the Rat turning Star Wars into a children’s show? Money, of course! Think about it, you’re more likely to buy a movie ticket for your kid, so he can watch his favourite movie on a big screen than you are for yourself. You can probably wait for a DVD release (not to mention  the leaks) and the big screen isn’t that important to you, but you’d do anything for your child and buying a movie ticket certainly ain’t much. If nothing else, then to keep an impatient brat quite. That being said, I can say with a pretty big certainty that Lucas wasn’t thinking about anything but money when he sold Star Wars to the Rat. After all, what was the amount he sold Star Wars for? $ 4.05 billion? Indeed, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were quite right to depict Lucas raping a stormtrooper all those years ago (in 2008 to be precise, the year when The Clone Wars cartoon started airing:) ) in South Park.

Finally, the Rat should have stuck with the Pirates instead of messing with Star Wars. That way, at least we’d have another Pirates movie by now and I guess it would be good, since every Pirate movie thus far kicks ass😀 Pirates of the Caribbean are the most mature Disney work anyway…

P.S. The lightsaber blades in Star Wars: Rebels are so lame…

Posted on May 6th, 2015 at 15:21 GMT
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