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The ACTA, SOPA and PIPA bills have been quite in lately. I won’t be talking (much) about how they damage the free and open Internet nor how they’re undemocratic.

Megaupload has been shut down by FBI even though none off this bills have been passed. Only shows how powerful the authorities are without those bills and how “protecting” citizens is one big bull shit

The “authority” of FBI

Anyway, if you go to Megaupload sites (e.g. megaupload.com), you’ll see the FBI “Anti-Piracy” warning. Now, let me point out that FBI is an American agency and I’m trying to access the site from Croatia. Megaupload is (or, rather, was) a Hong Kong based website. Here’s the question: What gives the FBI authority to shut down a non-American company?! The best they have is the authority to block American IPs access to Megaupload though that would be an obvious censorship and wouldn’t be well accepted by American public; especially because of how their government dares to criticize the censorship in other countries (e.g. China). Lemme just point out that censorship is present in the Free World (especially in the US), but is more subtle and better masked from the eyes of the public. That’s why it’s really hypocritical of the US to criticize others.

Anyway, back to the authority of FBI. What the fuck gives them authority to arrest non-American citizens on non-American soil? The (arrested) key people of Megaupload are all Hong Kongers and they were arrested in New Zealand. Unless, both Hong Kong and New Zealand have been annexed by the US, FBI has no authority over them. The only justification would be some serious US-Hong Kong-New Zealand coöperation, which I seriously doubt because of global public’s reaction to the events and Anonymous’ handy work.


Do they have the right to hack? Normally, I’d say no. However, actions like shutting down Megaupload (or Polish secret ACTA signing) are also unacceptable. It seems that, just like Anonymous say, playing nice just doesn’t work. To those who have enough indignity to compare Anonymous’ hackings with terrorism, all I have to say is that their hackings have no human victims. The damage they do is only damaging the nerves and is, eventually, fixed. Not to mention that their actions are provoked (e.g. they attacked FBI only after the Megaupload shut down)


In the end, I would just like to point out that Rapidshare; which offers the same things Megaupload used to, but unlike Megaupload, aims to emptying people’s wallets; is still there. I wonder why…

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