Mary Sue

First, let me point out that I really hate the term Mary Sue, but since the following image prompted me to write this post, I’m gonna stick to the term for the sake of argument 🙂

So, I’m gonna say why Luke definitely is not a Mary Sue, why Anakin could be a Mary Sue and how Rey definitely is a Mary Sue.

To begin with, I’d like to say that the author(s) of the image is probably a DI$N€¥ fanboy, that is a brat who was probably born after the prequels; all they see in Star Wars are colourful “laser swords” and they can’t tell the difference between the Force and a lightsaber, but think that because they’ve been watching “Star Wars” cartoons and reading comics for a few years, they know everything there is about Star Wars and that there was nothing prior to their existence.
Yeah, kid, Earth was orbiting the Sun even before your birth. Savvy? I’m sure your teacher can explain it to you 🙂

The comment …it could save your life is bloody immature and you will see for yourself how big of an insight in Star Wars the author actually has.

Before moving to Luke, lemme point out that both Luke and Anakin are epic Star Wars characters. Since the Skywalkers play the central role in the movies which are still “canon”, both Luke and Anakin are still “canon”… At least in the roles they played in the movies (and that Saturday morning cartoon The Clone Wars :/ ) and the characterizations of both of them in the movies is actually written in this pic. Defending a franchise by defending one character – let’s call her Rey – by trashing two other characters – let’s call them Luke and Anakin – is a poor way of defending the franchise and doesn’t make much sense… Nope, scratch that, it makes no sense at all.

The statements in the image are not written in chronological order. I don’t know what if any order they are written in nor do I much care. Anyway, I’m gonna stick to chronological order.

I’m pretty sure the Luke arguments refer to A New Hope. I mean Luke had definitely held a blaster before the films following A New Hope, so the arguments would make no sense if they referred to episodes V and VI. Although…

Anyway, first, by the time of A New Hope, only a handful of stormtroopers were clones. Proved that some clones couldn’t interpret their genetic coding to fight for the Republic and the ideals it stood for as serve the dude sitting in the chair and kill and torture if your superiors order it. So technically, it’s quite questionable how many clones he actually killed during the rebellion; as for A New Hope… did he kill a single trooper? Remember that dialogue between Tarkin and Vader: Are they away? asked Tarkin They have just made the jump into hyperspace. said Vader You’re sure the homing beacon is secure aboard their ship? I’m taking an awful risk, Vader. This had better work. said Tarkin? And then the following between Han and Leia: Not a bad bit of rescuing, huh? You know, sometimes I even amaze myself. bragged Han That doesn’t sound too hard. Besides, they let us go. It’s the only explanation for the ease of our escape. said Leia Easy… you call that easy? asked Han They’re tracking us! said Leia. Savvy? If you don’t, lemme explain: they let them go. All that shooting on the Death Star was a show. True, some troopers were probably killed in the skirmish. If for no reason, because the Empire would rather kill a few of their troopers than risk the escapees to pull a tricorder up their sleeves ×D But if he had killed any, the troopers had hardly fully employed their training…

And the poor aiming is also the result of the troopers being instructed to let them go. A trooper who would kill one of them, would have risked his own life because the Empire wasn’t a forgiving kind.

Speaking of aiming, the aiming in Star Wars; the real thing and in the abomination really goes on my nerves. I mean I almost stopped at A New Hope when 3PO and R2 virtually passed through blaster barrage at the beginning of the movie. Luckily, I decided to give the movie – thus the whole saga – another chance 🙂

Mkay, it took years for Yoda to communicate with Force ghosts. Luke actually communicated only with Obi Wan during most of the original trilogy. I mean Yoda and Anakin joined Obi Wan only in the end of the final movie. True, Yoda had been alive throughout the movies and Anakin popped up as soon as he “redeemed” himself. Speaking of redemption, it’s pretty pathetic. I mean, what kind of message does that send?! So you’re a genocidal maniac throughout most of your adult life, but then you do one good deed before you die and all is forgiven… In this case, Anakin killed thousands if not millions as Darth Vader and then saved a single life… Luke may be his son, but no life, not even the life of your child is worth two innocent lives, let alone more. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Has it maybe crossed your mind that Obi Wan contacting Luke wasn’t Luke’s doing? After all, it was Obi Wan who’d spent NINETEEN bloody years like a hermit on Tatooine. He spent his 19 years of solitude communicating with Qui-Gon’s ghost after Yoda “had taught him how to commune” with Qui-Gon. I guess that in that time he got a hang of it. Who knows what he and Qui-Gon had discussed in 19 years? 😮 And he did open up Luke to the Force so, yeah, it is quite likely that Obi Wan initiated his link as a Force ghost with Luke 🙂

Now comes my favourite 😀 Did Luke need extra X-wing training? He did fly and shoot from his airspeeder, When it comes to flying (and shooting from) a speeder, although different than a compact starfighter like an X-wing, it can’t be that different. I mean we’re not talking about a bulky freighter like the Falcon, which Rey flew better than Han…

As for the destruction of the Death Star, time for new quotes 😀 – from A New Hope: That’s impossible, even for a computer. exclaimed Wedge referring to the small shaft that need to be hit in order to destroy the station. It’s not impossible. I used to bull’s-eye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They’re not much bigger than two meters. said Luke; and now Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back: Size matters not! Savvy? No? Well, shooting rats and shafts ain’t sex for size to matter. It’s pretty much the same shit if you shoot at something 2 m in size alone or something 2 m in size on something big. The trick is having a good aim and reaching the target. As for the aim, Luke used to successfully shoot moving rats and by that time, he had opened up to the Force at least a bit, so a stationary shaft shouldn’t have proven to be much of a problem… And he did not reach the shaft on his own. He had help; at the very least Han and Chewie saved him by the bell.

So is Luke a “Mary Sue”? At least in comparison with Rey? Here’s a pic going in Luke’s favour even further 🙂

Now to Anakin 😀

Mkay, an all powerful brat from The Phantom Menace is “Mary Sueish” at least. Still, I gotta defend the kid here:

Anakin didn’t need a father to be born?! Only a DI$N€Y fanboy would interpret Shmi’s There was no father so literally. People living in the real word would interpret the statement as A guy knocked me over, but the bastard left me and the kid, and he’s not even paying alimo! I don’t wanna talk about that asshole! or worse I was raped and left with a child. I’d rather not say any more. because despite what Damir Stojić or a similar foul mouth might utter, it actually is physically possible for a woman to conceive after being raped. At the very least, someone could have impregnate her while she was unconscious. Anyway, I’ve always clung to one of those interpretations; even after reading Darth Plagueis where Sedious and Plagueis heard rumours of a child being born out of the Force. First lemme quote a rule of acquisition:  Hear all, trust nothing. They thought the birth of the child is a result of them manipulating with the midi-chlorians across the galaxy. It is likely that the manipulation resulted in Anakin’s blood having a high midi-chlorian concentration and, thus, in his Force sensitivity. But did they actually turn midi-chlorians into cum? Doubtful. They might have influenced Anakin’s conception as well. They could have arranged for someone to seduce Shmi and dump her or just have someone rape her. Them being sadistic psychos, I think the latter is more likely. Who knows, they might have opted for a more direct approach. Plagueis can’t be Anakin’s father since Anakin’s human, but as for Sedious… who knows… just another Star Wars mystery 😀

I must say that I don’t like a concept of a “chosen one”. It is Mary Sueish for itself, but well Anakin was the chosen one. 20 000 midi-chlorians made him the chosen one. Basically, he was very talented with the Force. If that talent makes him a Mary Sue; then every genius, talented athlete… is a Mary Sue.
So aye, his connection with the Force (the highest concentration of midi-chlorians not only in a human but on the record…) and him “being good at fixing things” – one would think he might have worked in a workshop as a kid… – made him win the pod race …in which he was the only Force sensitive racer.

He piloted N1 “without” any training after R2 disabled the autopilot and Anakin felt like “that was podracing”. How many ships did he destroy? A “battleship”, that is the control ship? Mkay, I think it is rather stupid that the main reactor would be anywhere near a hangar bay, but Anakin just shooting randomly around the hangar hardly required any skill.

As for the omnipotent Rey… well I think that the meme with her and Luke says it all, but I’d like to go through shit in the first meme.

She fights a bunch of untrained guys? So now they’re untrained?! And when I say that the First Order is nothing more than a terrorist cell… And, yeah, terrorists can be trained too, otherwise ISIS wouldn’t be much of a threat, would it? I mean, not all of them are weaklings like Finn…
She was captured by Ren, who is supposed to be a mighty Force user in command of the army of the supposedly might First Order…
She kills one stormtrooper, but fights a bunch of untrained guys? Just realized that the “untrained guys” are probably the bunch on Jakku ×D Anyway, she managed to kill a trained soldier, but she only fought a “bunch of untrained guys”??? Mkay…
You know that by making these arguments, you’re pretty much contradicting yourself?
And my favourite – defeating a “physically and mentally wounded Kylo Ren” 😀 How exactly was he physically wounded? Did a rookie stormtrooper who chickened out on his first mission actually manage to wound a would be Force user in a lightsaber wound? Pathetic. Considering his mental wounds… Yeah, Force users, especially mighty Force users, are supposed to be able to suppress their mental wounds, at least for a short time.

In all this Mary Sue mess, I only feel sorry for Daisy Ridley. I mean when being cast for Star Wars, she must have been so proud an excited only for her character do be directed into a mockery.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. And a happy New Year!

Originally posted on December 20th, 2017 at 13:59 GMT
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