Mariano Rajoy is an idiot

The situation in Catalonia has been centre stage lately.

Media are rarely impartial, they usually lean in one direction. Which one in the Catalan situation? That depends on where you live and whether your government supports Catalan independence or not. In Croatia, most media pretend to be impartial, but from reading their articles, it’s quite clear they write in favour of the independent Catalonia, probably because they associate Spanish Catalonia with Yugoslav Croatia, but yeah, things ain’t that simple. Aye, the situation is quite similar in many ways, but then again, there are quite a few differences. I’m not gonna point the similarities and differences out, but rather show you how complex the situation really is (and yeah, I’m gonna trash the Rajoy fascist along the way  🙂 ).

What’s my opinion? The fact is that Catalonia is deeply divided when it comes to their independence from Spain. Still, referendum seems to be the fairest solution to see the public opinion and try to satisfy the majority. That’s why I supported the referendum. If the Spanish government wouldn’t allow a legal referendum, then yeah go for an illegal one.
Then I – like the rest of the planet – saw the behaviour of the Spanish police sent by that imperialistic scum Rajoy. The turn-out and the results weren’t surprising and, frankly, are no grounds to declare independence. Nevertheless, after witnessing the barbaric behaviour of the police, I thought that most of those against the independence would shift their views. That did not happen and a lot of Catalanoians are still against the independence, so now I’m not sure what to think anymore. One thing is for sure – Catalonia is doomed to misery. Either the supporters of Spanish unity are going to be miserable in independent Catalonia or the supporters of the independence are going to be miserable in Spain.

But who is to blame for all this mess? Mariano Rajoy, of course 🙂 True, he is hardly the only figure in the chain of events, but his incompetence is the main cause.

He should have made a legal referendum possible to begin with. Made amends to the constitution if necessary. A legal referendum would have shown the reality of public opinion. Both sides would have had equal opportunity to present their arguments; the turn-out would have been much higher and probably wouldn’t go so much in favour of independence because supporters of the unity wouldn’t have boycotted the bloody referendum! In case the turn-out would have been poor even than, Catalans couldn’t say that people were afraid to cast their pro-independence votes because no one would have tried to stop them… Federal countries where referendums, sponsored by the central government, were held still exist. Scotland is still a country in the UK and Quebec is still a province in Canada… But even if the supposed legal referendum was won by pro-independence Catalonians, Catalonia could have, and probably would have, left Spain peacefully, and Spain and Catalonia could have become good neighbours with a bit of friendly competition.

But, mkay, so the guy didn’t want to risk Catalonia breaking away in any case. Then, once he’d seen that he couldn’t stop the Catalans from holding the referendum; he should have let the events play out and have his police storm the polling places and confiscate the ballots after the closing time. Then he should have had the referendum organizers arrested. That way he would have avoided the violence, or at the very least reduced it to minimum. He wouldn’t have made martyrs of pro-independence Catalans, he wouldn’t have embarrassed himself and the entire Spanish government.

Can the situation be salvaged? Although a peaceful solution seems to be slipping further and further away, yeah it’s still possible to make a deal acceptable to both sides to a degree. After all, we are all human beings. Hopefully, the EU is gonna engage more because it would be quite a shame if there would be a military conflict in Europe over self-goverance. The nineties were quite enough :/

I think, both the Spanish and the Catalans should swallow their pride and accept the current situation. Mkay, the Spanish can throw the current Catalonian government to jail if it makes them feel better and the Catalans should accept the fact that the results and the events unfolding during and after the referendum can’t justify the independence. Nevertheless, the referendum has clearly shown that a lot of Catalns aren’t satisfied with current position of Catalonia within Spain. Therefore, Spain should offer Catalonia maximum autonomy. They should exclude Catalonia from paying federal taxes (like they did with the Basque Country), they should give Catalonia leeway in everything except foreign policy, they shouldn’t require from Catalonians to fly Spanish flags at their institutions and let them fly only flags of Catalonia. Basically, Catalonia could share only the foreign relations, the military (even that ain’t necessary) and the currency (that ain’t necessary too but it makes life quite easier). There should also be no borders between the two countries, which ain’t a problem with Shengen and all 🙂 There are also some trivialities that make life easier, like the common country calling number, common carriers etc. In every other way, Catalonia should run its own affairs independent from the central government. Catalonia could easily be a republic within the Kingdom of Spain. I mean if Serbs can have a republic in Bosnia, why the hell shouldn’t the Catalans have theirs in Spain?! Now, if the Spanish government actually makes that kind of a deal to the Catalans, they would be fools not to accept it. In addition to the cons that come with the full independence (like all the costly foreign relations), there is a larger picture Spain, Catalonia, the EU and every bloody European should consider. Who really benefits from unstable Europe? Our common adversaries. Be it the ISIS, Russia, China, North Korea or someone else.

The only advice I can give to the Spaniards is: save yourselves from Rajoy (and his lackeys). Get rid of him. He will be the end of your country.

Posted on October 28th, 2017 at 19:40 GMT
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