Sony VAIO laptops

SAM_2784 (800x600)

A week ago I bought a Sony VAIO laptop, so to save people their mental health, I’m gonna write a few pointers.

Accessing BIOS

Okay, okay, I spent virtually half a day trying to access BIOS. In the end, I brought the laptop back to the store because I couldn’t access BIOS. Well, accessing BIOS is pretty simple once you know what to do. We used a method with a lot of clicking to access BIOS in the store. It can be accessed much simpler than that.

If your laptop is running, turn it off. Once it is turned off, instead of pressing the turn on/off button, press the ASSIST button. It is located right across the turn on/off button on my model (SVE1113M1EW) and “ASSIST” is written in pink.

SAM_2789 (1024x58)
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You start VAIOCare|Rescue Mode that way. Once the mode loads, press F2 to start BIOS.

SAM_2790 (800x600)

Now, the only reason I use BIOS is to change boot priority. Like accessing BIOS itself, setting the priority is quite simple once you know what to do. Go to Boot tab in BIOS (use arrows on the keyboard to move around…). Now, in every other BIOS I’ve worked with, it’s enough to just change boot priority to external device if you want to boot system from an external device. In Sony VAIO BIOS, however, you have to enable external device boot first. Anyway, just make sure that External Device Boot is Enabled under Boot Configuration and then set boot priority as you wish.

SAM_2788 (1024x768)
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If your VAIO came with a preinstalled Windows, do not reinstall it or change Windows because you’ll probably go through a nightmare finding drivers.

This is my story:
I went throughout the city in search for the cheapest option for a minilaptop. That led me to Sony VAIO SVE1113M1EW, The laptop comes with preinstalled Windows 8. Preinstalled means that you get the operating system with no disk and no product key which means you are stuck with that installation and can’t reinstall the system when a need arouses. That is why I bought Windows 7 (cheaper than Windows 8, and unlike Windows 8, Windows 7 is an operating system for computers). When I asked in the store whether I can install Windows 7 on the thingy, vendors were all like “sure thing”. Anyway, once I had bought the laptop (and spent ages to start BIOS 😉 ), I installed the Windows I bought. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find most of the drivers. I spent two days searching for them. I asked for help. We went to the deepest bowls of the Internet and only managed to install the missing LAN driver. We came across a text on Sony website that my model cannot be downgraded to Windows 7 (yes, after a week of vendors telling me that I can install Windows 7 with no trouble). Well, I took the thing back to the store and told them I can’t find the drivers. That’s when they told me SVE1113M1EW can’t be downgraded to Windows 7 (a way Microsoft and partners are forcing people to use Windows 8…). Luckily, I bought the Windows at the same store, so they couldn’t explain to me why I’d spend €120* if I had known, the thing wouldn’t work.
In the end, they returned my VAIO with Windows 7 and all the drivers. They did not give me the drivers on CD or another disk though. However, with the help of Device Manager and Programs and Features in Control Panel, I think I managed to download all the drivers. Well, let’s just hope I’ll never have to find out… even though I bought the Windows only to be able to reinstall it.

All in all, do not remove the preinstalled Windows. At least not without finding and downloading the drivers first.

As for other operating systems, I’m not sure. Linux usually detects the hardware and installs the necessary drivers in no time. I can’t vouch for every Linux distribution, but Knoppix had no trouble with the hardware of my VAIO. That is, it recognized wireless network adapter right away and I was able to connect to my modem in no time.

So far I am quite stasfied with my VAIO. There’s only one thing I don’t like (two things depending how you look at it/them), other than the living nightmares called BIOS and drivers 😉 The touchpad is way too sensetive while the keyboard is barely sensetive.

*Generally, I don’t like to talk about prices outside my own country. The price I wrote is a rounded conversion of the local currency. In addition, the “value” of the dollar varies a lot throughout the world. For example, I heard that 0.25L of bear costs £3 in the UK. British find that acceptable (otherwise British pubs would be empty 😉 ). £3 for a 0.25L bottle of bear is quite a lot here.  I don’t drink bear so I don’t know the exact price of bear here. I think 0.25L of bear costs around 4 HRK (≈ £0.4) here. Well, £3 is just too much for us 😀 Another good example is that throughout most of Africa, you can buy a 160 m² 4 bedroom flat for only a few hundred euros. On the other hand, an average African can hardly come by €1.
Suffice it to say, €120 is no small amount of money here, especially for an operating system.

Posted on September 13th, 2013 at 13:27 GMT
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Update (4 Aug 2016)

I found the drivers my ass. Just had the disk formatted and installed my Windows 7 on the thing and, guess what, the drivers did not work, not even the LAN driver. Luckily, I was able to install mobile internet and activate Windows. Then I upgraded to Windows 10 and everything seems to be working for now.


19 thoughts on “Sony VAIO laptops

  1. Manuel T.


    I had the same problem as you downgrading my SVE1113M1EW to W7, but unlike you I can’t find some of the drivers anywhere and it’s driving me crazy!!! Could you help me sending me an address where I could download them? or maybe send them to my email?



    1. Nelandir Post author

      Here‘s the link to the drivers I downloaded after the VAIO was returned to me from the store. If you have trouble opening the archive, download 7-Zip. Furthermore, I think this is the LAN driver we installed before I returned the laptop to the store.
      I hope this helps.

      Oh, do tell me if this works (including the LAN driver) and please email me other necessary drivers that might not be included in the archive and that you found yourself, so I can finally close chapter on VAIO drivers 🙂

      If you need anything else, email me. I’m not even sure whether I’m supposed to share these drivers otherwise they would’ve been included on a CD or a flash drive upon VAIO’s return from the store. Well, drivers are drivers, so why not?

      A message to other people: DO NOT MESS WITH PREINSTALLED WINDOWS 😀

  2. Manuel T.

    Thank you very much Nelandir!!!

    Everything works perfecty fine now, well… all but some ‘bluetooth peripheral device’ that I couldn’t find the drivers anywhere, but I guess that won’t affect much . But anyway, you have been a life saver, thanks to you my laptop is up and running again.

    And I must say I agree with you when you said: DO NOT MESS WITH PREINSTALLED WINDOWS.


    Manuel T.

    1. Nelandir Post author

      Bluetooth is one of the rare things that Windows recognized right away on my VAIO 😮
      What about the LAN driver. Is it included in the archive I uploaded to MEGA? If not, did the one I’d given you link to work or did you use another driver? If you used another driver, could you give me the link to it?
      And no problem, dude 😀 I know how much shorter the driver search cut my life 😮 And thank you in advance for replying 😀

      P.S. Does this help you with your Bluetooth problem?
      P.P.S. How do I disable the touchpad?

  3. Manuel T.


    I have solve the bluetooth problem, thanks. About the LAN driver, the one that worked for me, was the one you upploaded to MEGA, the other did not work, but I had to install it manually.

    The touch pad driver was also included in the MEGA file, but with that one I could not disable it. And with the new one you told me, I could disable it, but then it wouldn’y work anymore after disabling it. But anyway that is not a problem for me.

    Thanks again.

    Manuel T.

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  5. Goran


    Zainteresovan sam za kupovinu ovog modela Sony laptopa i pitao sam se da li postoji mogućnost zamene operativnog sistema. Sudeći na osnovu ovog posta, izgleda da je to izvodljivo i da drajveri funkcionišu. Koliko sam uspeo da razumem, jedini problem je touchpad tj. mogućnost da se funkcija tog dela onemogući.
    Prilično se dobro snalazim sa računarima tako da bih se rado upustio u promenu operativnog sistema onog trenutka kada budem kupio pomenuti laptop. Kakva su Vaša iskustva, da li drajveri funkcionišu i da li su sve funkcije laptopa omogućene?

    Unapred hvala na odgovoru.

    S poštovanjem,

    1. Nelandir Post author

      Laptop dolazi s Windowsom 8. Windowsi su predinstalirani, znači ne dobije se disk niti se dobije ključ proizvoda. Također, ne dobije se disk s driverima, već su oni instalirani na Windowse. Znači, reinstalacija i/ili formatiranje službeno padaju u vodu.
      Sony tvrdi da leptop ne radi na Windowsu 7. Ja sam nakon kupovine pretražio Internet od A do Ž tražeći drivere i nisam ih našao (da, Device Manager ih ne instalira sam… barem ne sve). Sad je možda druga priča, ipak su prošli mjeseci otkako sam ih tražio. Čim se maknu Windowsi koji su došli s njim, garancija, barem što se softvera tiče, ne vrijedi.
      Jedini razlog zašto su meni stavili drivere za Sedmicu je zato što su mi uvalili Windows 7 za dodatnih 800 kn, a imao sam račun. Čak ni to nisu olako učinili. Laptop mi je vraćen sa svim driverima, ali mi nisu dali disk s driverima. Sam sam preko Device Managera i deinstaliranja programa u Upravljačkoj ploči, vidio što mi je nedostajalo. Mislim da sam sve skinuo. Mamnuel T., komentator prije tebe, kaže da su to svi driveri; ali ja ne garantiram. Ako nakon što makneš Osmicu, driveri za Sedmicu ne rade, nemoj u mene gledati. Pogotovo si najebao ako ti piratski Windowsi “ne rade” ili ako si Windowse kupio u drugom dućanu (ja sam išao na to da su mi rekli da može, što i jesu, i da ne bih ko zadnja budala spiskao 800 kn na nešto što ne radi i predočio im račun – ono, da mi nisu prihvatili, otišao bih šefu i digao frku 🙂 ). U biti, arhiva s onime što sam ja skinuo je ovdje.

      Ne radi mi tipkovnički prečac za isključivanje touchpada (Fn+F1). Touchpad i dalje mogu isključiti u opcijama miša u Upravljačkoj ploči. Samo, ako je zaboraviš uključiti prije gašenja/restartanja sistema, touchpad će biti isključen kada ponovo pokreneš sistem. Tako da je uputno touchpad uključiti prije gašenja laptopa da nemaš problema ako pri sljedećem korištenju nećeš uz sebe imati miš (čak i ako je zaboraviš uključiti prije gašenja, kada ponovo digneš sistem, možeš ju uključiti pomoću tastature samo to uključuje milijun klikova, pa je bolje ne zaboraviti 😉 ).

      Što se drugih operativnih sustava tiče, na Linuxima bi, naravno sve odmah trebalo super raditi, barem radi na Knoppixu. Opet, ako slučajno ne bi radilo, a maknuo si Windowse koji su došli s njim, bit će kuku i pomagaj 😉

      Općenito, kad se uzme u obzir cijena i konfiguracija, laptop je za današnje vrijeme best buy. Moja jedina zamjerka je da tipkovnica baš nije osjetljiva. Nekad imam dojam da čekićem moram udarati da mi prihvati unos. Ono, natipkam rečenicu, a onda vidim da pola slova nedostaje 🙂 S druge strane, touchpad je jako osjetljiv.

      P.S. Neki, ako ne i svi, driveri u arhivi ne nude naše zemlje u popisu država. Mislim da ne nude čak ni Sloveniju, koja je više-manje na svim listama. U biti, odaberi Britaniju ili neku drugu državu ako znaš jezik te države zbog formata koji su sličniji, ako ne i isti, u Europi od onih npr. u SADu (npr. kilometri, a ne milje) jer nikad ne znaš što i kada će te ovaj tražiti 😉

      1. Nelandir Post author

        Najbolje bi bilo da probaš instalirati drugi operativni sustav na eksterni disk pa kad se uvjeriš da sve super radi (ono, tegljari sistem na eksternom disku tjedan-dva-tri), instaliraš na disk od laptopa.

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