It’s been over a week since Britain’s “historic” vote to leave the EU and I’ve been reading shit about Brexit (Brexit Vol. I, of course 😉 ) on local, British and international portals, so I’m gonna say a few words about it.

I’ll start the post by saying that I’ve never understood Euroscepticism. I simply don’t understand how people don’t realize that only a united Europe has any chance of survival in the global world. I mean, even the biggest European countries like Germany and France (and the UK) are nothing alone compared to the USA, Russia, China… True, colonial influence of former colonial powers like France, Spain (and the UK) is still present, but it’s gradually being extinguished and not being part of the EU ain’t gonna stop the process or make it any slower. We’re living in the 21st century for God’s sake! And now… Seeing what repercussions Brexit caused both at home and abroad in just a few hours after the results of the referendum, a referendum that hasn’t even been ratified by the British parliament yet; Eurosceptics actually think Brexit has worked in their favour (as can be seen in appeals of “Frexit”, “Nexit”, and whatever other “exit”)… No offence people (Eurosceptics), but you’re just idiots.

What gets on my nerves is the EU saying that the will of the British people has to be respected. What will is that?! The results were in favour of leave by meagre 2%! If the referendum was held a few hours earlier or later, it’s possible that the results would be in favour of remain by meagre 2%! On top of that, the UK is a complexed… kingdom made of 4 countries and many territories. Out of those 4 countries, just 2 – England and Wales – voted to leave and the only British territory within the EU (i.e. Gibraltar) voted overwhelmingly to remain (more than 90%!). In addition, despite being in England, London voted overwhelmingly to remain. The other day I asked a guy in Star Wars: The Old Republic where he was from. He said the UK. Then I asked him what country and he said the Republic of London 😀 Most of those who did vote leave were old farts living in the 1950s (or before) who don’t give a shit about anyone, but themselves and couldn’t care less how people are going to live when they’re dead (which ain’t in a distant future). Now, I don’t want to insult old people. I know there are many honourable elderly man and women who care about future generations and those very likely did not vote leave but, sadly, the above described selfishness is a typical “pensioner” behaviour. And now that selfishness has taken toll the British (youth). So tell me again, what was the will of the British people?! In addition, leave campaigners won their votes on lies as has been admitted by that asshole Nigel Farage only hours after the results came in.

Another thing that really gets on my nerves is influential EU people, like the Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy or the French president François Hollande saying that Scotland has no right to remain in the EU because they “came with the UK and the must leave with the UK”. It simply eludes me how they can’t put their imperialistic views aside for just a moment in the spirit of European unity. And Scotland (and Gibraltar and Northern Ireland) have every right to remain in the EU. Guess Rajoy, Hollande and their kind should be remind of the Danish Realm, which is made of Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland. Only Denmark is an EU member. It’s interesting that Greenland was an EU member, but voted to leave while Denmark remained in the EU. In other words, “Greenland came with Denmark and left on its own”. So couldn’t the same rule be applied to the UK?! England and Wales voted to leave; others did not. Another good example is Finland. Upon joining the EU, two separate referendums were held in Finland – one on the mainland and the other on Åland Islands. The results of both referendums were in favour of joining the EU, but if one of those (especially the one in Åland) wasn’t in favour of joining, either Åland or mainland Finland wouldn’t be part of the EU.

I would like to apologize in advance to Brits who might find my following words as “mingling” in their internal affairs. Actually, screw you, no one is forcing you to read this post, let alone do a shit about it 😛
So what can the UK do to keep the territorial integrity? I think the smartest thing for the UK would be to drop the whole thing because the referendum isn’t obligatory and because of the “first thing that goes on my nerves” 😉 Another option is for England and Wales to leave the EU and for Gibraltar, Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain. True, the remain vote won meagrely in Northern Ireland just as the leave vote won meagrely in the UK as a whole, but Northern Ireland is a special case because of being… well Ireland 😀 It is quite unclear how Brexit is gonna affect the freedom of movement between the Republic of Ireland (an EU member) and Northern Ireland (UK) though I guess diplomacy is going to work its wonders here. Furthermore, despite being divided between the Republic of Ireland and the UK, Ireland was “united” through the EU. Basically, the EU served to appease both the Irish unionists nationalists, but now… In addition, in this case, the British parliament should consider granting London a special status (e.g. like Moscow and St. Petersburg have in Russia) to allow Londoners, who overwhelmingly voted remain, to remain in the EU. That could actually appease many leavers in England and Wales because they themselves wouldn’t be in the EU, but their kingdom would at least partly be in the EU, meaning they’d have some say in the EU, especially if their capital city were in the EU. Finally, the British could hold emergency general elections where there would be parties in favour of adopting the results of the referendum no matter how slim they were and parties in favour of dropping the whole thing. Hopefully, people have come to their senses and can vote clear headedly now.
Alternately, UKIP will go down in history as being a party that hmm… “divided” the United Kingdom and David Cameron will go down in history as a prime minister who made it possible 🙂

Posted on 2nd July 2016 at 11:54 GMT
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