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Recently Chuck Wendig, a Star Wars author wrote an open letter in response to fans trashing him, well officially in response to the “harsh” behaviour of the fans because the Rat has pretty-much destroyed Star Wars, but he was bloody silent until someone showed his latest books (Aftermath) the finger and shared the pic. You can, also, read the letter here.

11220813_1056906227731127_1912224149250186638_nAftermath and the finger

Anyway, this is my “open letter”:

“…now there are new movies and new books (ahem, Aftermath), and they either ignore the Expanded Universe stories or they pick ideas and characters from them to use now or later.” – I seriously wouldn’t mind the new canon, the Rat totally ignoring neither stealing from the Expanded Universe (which he doesn’t acknowledge) if the new “canon” wasn’t so retarded.

“I get it. It’s the same feeling when a TV show you love gets canceled” – no, it’s not because Star Wars wasn’t just cancelled. No, the Expanded Universe was, sort to speak, “banned” and Star Warshas been rewritten into retardation pretty much by twisting and robbing the Expended Universe (please don’t make me analyse Kylo Ren ×D )

“…Sneakers, I mean, shit, if Nike or Reebok release a sneaker and you wear it and you like it, next season that sneaker is already on a burning trashpile in the Pacific Ocean and replaced with the next upgraded model and that model sucks because it’s not the shoe you jolly well fucking liked in the first place, and NOW your brand loyalty for that company is cut off at the knees because they stopped making the thing you like.” – again Star Wars WAS NOT just cancelled or discontinued, so your sneaker comparison sucks and if you wore Converse All-Star, you wouldn’t have to worry about the model being cancelled 😀 And no, I don’t have “brand loyalty” (no offence but I’m not that pathetic 🙂 ); for all I care Star Wars could’ve been sold to fucking McDonald’s as long as it wouldn’t be turned into this farce!

May I make a small digression here, and ask you to read What Star Wars has become post if you don’t understand my “McDonald’s” comparison?

“…I have literally no power to make it happen…” – you can, for example, stop writing the new abomination in protests. Hell, if a few other best selling authors were to join you, the Rat’s sales would drop, he wouldn’t make so much money and might even consider “revivifying” the Expended Universe. After all, you did explain yourself pretty well that money is the biggest reason the Rat ain’t gonna move a finger in your caveats 🙂

“That larger narrative is actually part of the problem for Legends — it’s quite a big deal that, at present, everything coming out regarding Star Wars is connected” – and you seriously expect the new canon to be “well connected” when the stories pile up (I hop they never do, but I’m being realistic here). There’s crap – maybe even bigger crap than in the EU; more retarded, anyway 🙂 – even now.

“If it doesn’t happen, I might encourage you to summon peace with that reality. There does come a point when your energy can best be spent elsewhere. Share your love with other great stories, even if they’re not inside Star Wars. This isn’t me smacking your hand and saying JUST GET OVER IT, LOSERS. But it is vital to recognize the reality that you neither own nor control this stuff, and you still have hundreds of great Legends stories that you can still enjoy. That’s huge. And I know it’s not fair, but life is frequently full of unfair things and part of our skillset as human beings is how we inoculate ourselves against disappointment.” – I do realize it, “loser“, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, especially if it’s not fair as in the case of relatively good stories being replaced with retarded stories and those retarded stories, the stories that’ve twisted a universe (let’s call it Star Wars 🙂 ) into a retardation only to gain (more) money. Hmm… a little comment in Star Trek vocabulary now: calling Disney “Mickey the Rat” is really wrong and unfair. Such injustice and insensitivity! They should definitely be called “Mickey the Ferengi” 🙂

“Also, hey, you can sorta take ownership and control of the Legends continuity through the power of fan-fiction. Fan-fiction informed me and I don’t look down it. Nor should anybody. It’s a great way to be creative and also continue exploring a narrative universe that either left you behind or you left behind. It allows you to continue engagement with that world. So rad.” – expect that amateur writers will always be …amateur writers.

And in most cases, if someone [let’s call that someone “Mickey the (Ferengi) Rat”:) ] hadn’t (so selfishly) fucked up and then wasn’t ignoring the fucked-up party, there would be no “harassment”. It is the behaviour of the Rat hat is “very bad” and like a real bully, the Rat is twisting his own shit into “the bad behaviour” of others. Now that is just low.

Generally speaking, the caveats are contradictory and wouldn’t even exist if the Rat hadn’t “cancelled” the EU in the first place but, unfortunately, they are true 😦

“I also hope some of you stop your worst behaviors and your worst members. Because they have dominated this conversation and poisoned your efforts from within. It’s time to grow up and be better. Demonstrate your desires with love and outreach, not hate and spite. Even if that doesn’t get you what you want, it at least keeps the slate clean and ensures that nobody feels harassed.” – good final words, meaning “go fuck yourselves and do it quietly, you’re not getting anything” 🙂

“Best of luck”

Posted on April 30th, 2016 at 15:06 GMT
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