Occasionally a good movie (like Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings 😀 ) is airing on Croatian Radio-Television (cro. Hrvatska radiotelevizija – HRT).

The point is that most foreign programming on Croatian TV is subtitled (exceptions are shows for children, which are usually dubbed, and documentaries and foreign news, which are usually voice-overred). That being said, you can enjoy a good movie (maybe a good series 😮 ) as long as you understand the original lingo. Since, they’re mostly in English anyway, as long as you understand this post, you’re good to watch movies on Croatian TV 😉 All you need outside Croatia is either a satellite dish able to receive Croatian channels …or a stream 😀

The only problem with subtitles in Croatia, and other “subtitling” countries I guess, is that subtitles of the main language are sometimes removed when a “foreign” lingo appears in a show. For example, there are no English subtitles for Old Norse, Old English and Old French (and another lingo that might appear) in Vikings, a favourite show of mine.

Well, I don’t know about other channels, but there is a (legal) stream of HRT (1, 2, 3, 4 of which HRT4 is a news channel, so you won’t be interested in that one; while you’re likely to like HRT3 very much if you’re a lover of classic movies because they usually run on HRT3 …at least I think so 😀 ). Of course, if you find a stream of another Croatian channel (Bosnian, Serbian and/or Slovenian will also do 😀 ), do tell me 🙂 Anyway, streams of HRT are available on HRTi. If you had already clicked on the link, you noticed that the page, and most importantly the (free) registration, is in Croatian. I’m gonna tell you how to register and watch the streams.

So… go to Click on PRIJAVA in top right corner.

NOTE A message HRTi koristi kolačiće (eng. cookies) kako bi vam pružio bolje korisničko iskustvo. Nastavkom pregleda stranice slažete se sa korištenjem kolačića. Pročitajte više! might appear when you’re on HRTi. That’s HRTi politely informing you that the site uses cookies. Just click Zatvori obavijest in the red box.

Now, see Niste registrirani? Registrirajte se besplatno? Click on Registrirajte se.


The registration form is going to appear.

registration_formFields marked with * must be filled. Enter your name in Ime, enter your surname in Prezime, your email address in Email and the password you’d like to use for HRTi in Lozinka.
If you’re a guy check Muško and Žensko if you’re a gal. Enter your date of birth in Datum rođenja.
EXPLANATION OF THE DATE OF BIRTH: When you click on Datum rođenja, a calendar is going to pop up.
calendarClick on veljača or whatever to get the list of the months (siječanj – January, veljača – February, ožujak – March, travanj – April, svibanj – May, lipanj – June, srpanj – July, kolovoz – August, rujan – September, listopad – October, studeni – November, prosinac – December). Click on Odaberite godinu! to get the list of years. Click on a number in the calendar to select the day.
Click Hrvatska to open a drop-down menu to choose your country. Most countries in Croatian have either a name similar to their international name (e.g. Austria is Austrija) or to their native name (e.g. Hungary is Mađarska, somewhat similar to Hungarian name of Magyarország). If you can’t find your country on the list, just enter your country name into Google Translate and tell Google to translate into Croatian or go to Wikipedia or whatever. Actually, you might wanna do that before search for a country just to save time 😉 United States of America does differ a lot and I guess you Yanks are likely to be reading this post, and thus trying HRTi. Anyway, United States (of America) are Sjedinjene (Američke) Države (SAD) 😀 Grad is city/town (just enter the closest bigger city to you).
You can also enter your address (in Adresa) and ZIP code (in Poštanski broj).
Before proceeding check Nisam robot and Prihvaćam uvjete korištenja HRTi usluge.
Now just click Registrirajte se in the red box. A message to check your email will pop up, so now you check your e-mail 😀
Find an e-mail Potvrdite vašu e-mail adresu from HRTi Korisnička služba <> (check your spam if you don’t find the email in your inbox), open it and scroll down to Potvrdi in a red box. Click on it.
emailHRTi will open in your browser, telling you you’re registered. You’re done.

When you go to now, click on PRIJAVA again if you’re not logged in; enter your email in Upišite Vaš email and your password in Upišite Vašu lozinku. Then click on PRIJAVA in the red box.

Now to move your mouse over UŽIVO in the top left corner. A drop-down menu with the list of channels is going to appear. Choose, say HRT2 and a screen like this should appear:


I guess you should be able to navigate the player. To log out, just move the mouse over your name in top right corner where PRIJAVA used to be (it says MARKO in my case) and click Odjava.

I guess I should say that Croatia is in Central European Time Zone, meaning that prime time is either sometime between 19:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT or sometime between between 18:00 GMT and 21:00 GMT depending on DST. DST in Europe starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October (since it’s February now, DST is off and the bold prime time is currently in effect 😀 ). True, the stream is a few minutes behind, but that’s negligible.


P.S. Note that some programming, including a movie now and then might be encoded.

Posted on 21st February 2016 at 00:30 GMT
Use Time Zone Converter to quickly convert the time


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