Plonkerness rising

Over the past week, you might have stumbled upon a few other Nelandir’s Independent Tradings Co. To be precise on and

What’s the deal? Are these just scams or am I “expending the business”?

In short, I made the two sites in question.

I recently (i.e. on 23 Dec 2014) graduated. This makes me, only for a short time I hope, unemployed so any penny would come in handy. I thought Why not make some money online? In addition to current moneyless state I’m in, making money online is a good additional income, no matter the amount of money a person actually earns online. The easiest way to (legally) make money online is through AdSense. Basically, AdSense is a plugin that puts a few adds in your posts. You make money through the number of clicks on your add. As I’m told, the actual amount of money per clicks varies a lot ranging from just a few cents to €100. Anyway, free WordPress blogs don’t offer AdSense, so I was forced to look elsewhere. Upon registering to AdSense, Google offers you to make a website on Blogger for free. Thus was born. Now, Blogger says my blog isn’t eligible for AdSense yet. I probably have to write a few posts first and wait for a bit (6 months I think).

Looking for a way to earn money online, I stumbled upon WealthyAffiliate. Are they a scam? Not really I think, at least not in the true sense of the word. I have certainly found useful what I’ve read there so far. Yet if you ask me, they do play dirty. Namely, they keep bombarding you that as a Starter (free) Member, you only have a taste of Premium for the first seven days and that you should upgrade to premium as soon as possible.
Anyway, I created another site through WealthyAffiliate and that’s Note that SiteRubix is WordPress in disguise (i.e. the interface is the same) and messages within SiteRubix usually say WordPress instead of SiteRubix. Nevertheless, unlike WordPress free SiteRubix has a few (manageable) plugins. Most importantly, All in One SEO Pack. Another shiny plugin is SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam (before commenting people have to enter a CAPTCHA code, which eliminates a lot of spam). On the other hand, it lacks some shine free WordPress features [e.g. SiteRubix offers only a few free themes (this theme – Twenty Twelve – ain’t among them)].

To sum it all up, I think I’ll keep this blog on WordPress and make a site in a specific niche (probably in GIS) on SiteRubix or Blogger… or somewhere else where I can use AdSense 😀 Being in specific niche, it will most likely attract more people from the field of the niche, the adds should be niche connected – all in all, more clicks, and hopefully more money 😀


P.S. Since I am looking for a job, in case an employer ends up reading this, I graduated geography (GIS to be precise), so if you’re looking for a geographer or a GIS analyst (GIS can be implemented virtually everywhere), please email me on

Posted on January 10th, 2015 at 12:14 GMT
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