Smash champions

Super Smash Bros are without a question the best games mankind has ever created.

Unfortunately, no Smash has been released for computer yet and knowing Nintendo none will ever be.

Luckily, there are good Nintendo 64, Game Cube and Nintendo Wii emulators although Wii emulation requires a powerful machine.
Let’s stick to the other two then. Nintendo 64 emulators (Project64 is by far the best) work perfectly on pretty much every machine today and since neither the game nor the emulator (Project64 anyway) take much space (20 MB altogether tops), I suggest you keep N64 Smash on every computer just in case 😉

Now, the most important is Smash Melee for Game Cube since Game Cube emulation is pretty good on modern computers (you still might get a lag or two here and there though). The best emulator – well, the one I use anyway – is Dolphin. Yes, Dolphin, can emulate Nintendo Wii too, but I wouldn’t suggest trying it unless you have a pretty damn good machine. Especially since there’s no need. There’s a ton of good Game Cube games. When it comes to Smash, sure, Brawl is better, but Melee has it all too – great graphics, a lot of characters and maps (less than Brawl though 😦 )

I mentioned a lot of characters and maps, but when you start the game, you won’t say so.



The question marks suggest that there are maps and characters that can be unlocked. True, actually there are more characters and maps to unlock than the question marks in the screenies 😀

So, how to unlock them?
By playing single-player and winning, of course. But that takes a lot of time, especially if you’re a fellow like me, who just wants to Smash with his friends! In addition, if you’re playing the game on a computer, you need to “clean” emulator settings (meaning game saves too) from time to time to keep the thing running on peek efficiency. Furthermore, Dolphin v4 (currently the latest stable version of Dolphin) keeps its settings in the user folder, meaning that if you want to have unlocked characters and/or maps, you have to to copy Dolphin settings – which may not always be accessible –  to every account on which you intend to Smash with unlocked stuff.

So, let’s look for an alternative. There is one, at least if you’re running the game on Dolphin.

This is how the main Dolphin window looks like:


Go to Options\Configure… or just click Config icon. Checkmark Enable Cheats in the General tab. Then go to Paths tab, click on the big Add.. button and find the path to the folder with Smash

D: \ Igre \ Game Cube is the folder where I keep my Game Cube games, including Smash (igre meaning games)

Click OK.

The main Dolphin window should suddenly look something like this:


Right click on SUPERSMASH BROS. Melee and go to Properties.


Now, go to AR Codes tab and checkmark the following codes:
Open All Characters,
Metroidy Level,
City rooftops level,
During F-Zero race,
On top giant pokemon,
Mario Bros style level,
Game and Watch level,
Platforms in starfield 1 level,
Platforms in starfield 2 level,
Level with ‘windy’ tree,
Yoshi’s story level,
Dusk jungle level.

Press Close when you’re done.


Now, start the game and press Start how many times it takes to confirm everything you’ve “unlocked”. Wait a moment till the emulator saves new settings (a yellow message saying that things were saved should appear on top of the screen).

Now, stop the emulation, return to the game Properties, uncheckmark all the cheats you checkmarked before and click Close. Your unlocks were saved so you don’t need the cheats any more. Furthermore, if you leave them on, the game might get buggy.

Start the game again and commence Smashing with any character on any map 😀
Character and map selection should look something like this now:



There, I told you how to make full epicness of an epic game on computer. Concerned about the term cheat? Well, you can always unlock stuff the old fashioned way 🙂

Posted on February 5th, 2014 at 22:10 GMT
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