M$ Office and Comodo Firewall

So, I spent the entire yesterday afternoon trying to “reactivate” my Office because all of a sudden the thing decided it was not activated.

And why did Office need “activation”? Because Comodo Firewall blocked communication between Office and KM$ service. As soon as I closed Comodo, which occurred to me in the evening, and started M$ Word, everything worked like a charm.

Anyway, in case your copy of Office starts to need activation all of a sudden too and you’re using Comodo Firewall, just close the thing and start an Office program. The same thing can probably be caused by another firewall too, so try closing any firewall you use.

After the Office had been “reactivated” again, I just turned Comodo back on and once again everything was normal.

Posted on 3rd November 2013 at 09:47 GMT
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