After reading this discussion about “rothé” pronunciation and having pretty much the same discussion with my friends, I am really unsure how to pronounce the word. Since the E is accented (É), I’m pretty sure it is pronounced. As to how, I don’t know…

What are rothé anyway?

Rothe are a species of cattle that inhabit northern regions of Faerun (the main Forgotten Realms continent), both the surface and the Underdark. They resemble musk oxen from the real world.


Rothe are Dungeons and Dragons equivalent of A Song of Ice and Fire aurochs (aurochs are native to Westeros, the main continent of the Song of Ice and Fire). The only difference is that aurochs really existed and people used them until their extinction in the 17th century while rothe are made up.

There are three subspecies of rothe in Forgotten Realms:

Surface rothe: These are the most common and inhabit the surface.
Deep rothe: These inhabit the Underdark. They have magical flashing lights which they use for communication and generally to “light” the darkness of the Underdark.
Ghost rothe: These are larger than the previous two. They’re white with magical abilities.

Anyway, how the hell is “rothé” pronounced?!

Posted on October 19th, 2013 at 17:12 GMT
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