Što je pisac htio reći

Prije nego što Clash of Kings spremim na policu, prepisat ću jedan dijalog koji mi je eto zbunjujuć:

Prvo uvod:

Theon je osvojio Winterfell. Idiot je “ubio” Brana i Rickona i “njihova” tijela objesio tako da ih svi vide. Ser Rodrik je došao osloboditi Winterfell i zbog Brana i Rickona baš bio ljut ko leptir pogotovo zato što je on bio Theonov mentor. Theon nije imao nikakvu potporu u gradu i nije imao s čim zadržati grad.

Odjednom se pojavila ekipa i razvalila Rodrika i njegove ljude.

Dijalog (prvi, kratki, je tu da bi “pomogao” u razumijevanju onog bitnog):

“Reek,” Theon said, disquieted. How did a serving man get such fine armor?

The man laughed. “The wretch is dead.” He stepped a little closer. “The girl’s fault. If she had not run so far, his horse would not have lamed, and we might have been able to flee. I gave him mine when I saw the riders from the ridge. I was done with her by then, and he liked to take his turn while they were still warm. I had to pull him off her and shove my clothes into his hands–calf-skin boots and velvet doublet, silver-chased swordbelt, even my sable cloak. Ride for the Dreadfort , I told him, bring all the help you can. Take my horse, he’s swifter, and here, wear the ring my father gave me, so they’ll know you came from me. He’d learned better than to question me. By the time they put that arrow through his back, I’d smeared myself with the girl’s filth and dressed in his rags. They might have hanged me anyway, but it was the only chance I saw.” He rubbed the back of his head across his mouth. “And now, my sweet prince, there was a woman promised me, if I brought you two hundred men. Well, I brought you three times as many, and no green boys nor fieldhands neither, but my father’s own garrison.”

Kužim da je Reek došao iz Dreadforta s ekipicom, iznenadio Rodrika i pomeo njega i njegovu raju, ali tko je “on”?! “Jadnik”?! Tko je onda krvavi jadnik?! I kakva krvava strijela?!

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