RIP Google Toolbar

I am talking about Google Toolbar for Firefox here.

Officially, Google stopped supporting Google Toolbar for Firefox 2 years ago, but you could still use Google Toolbar for Firefox until recently.

All you needed to do is install Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks add-on and “google” Google Toolbar. Well, that does not work on Ubuntu; Firefox still won’t let you install Google Toolbar if you’re running Firefox from Ubuntu. On Windows, however, it works perfectly.

Yes, you can still install Google Toolbar on Firefox, but compatibility issue(s) have arisen. Often you’re not going to be able to open new tabs in the latest Firefox if you’ve got Google Toolbar.

So what’s the alternative?
Mozilla recommends two add-ons: Googlebar and Googlebar Lite. Both add-ons should include most of Google Toolbar features.

A feature they don’t include is translating the whole page which I’ve become quite depended on. I didn’t really search for an alternative since I could easily run Google Toolbar… until recently. I mean, I haven’t had the blasted thing on Ubuntu ever since Google dropped support, but I use Ubuntu rarely and I can just use Chrome when I need to translate the whole page. Anyway, switching between browsers on the operating system I often use is quite annoying and I like Firefox so much ❤ So, I decided to actually look for an alternative. Imagine my surprise when I found it in a few seconds 😀 All you have to do is go to this website and drag the lingo, you want to translate foreign content to, to your Bookmarks Toolbar. No need to drag tons of lingoes if you want translation in more than one; once you click on your new bookmark, the page is automatically going to be translated to the lingo you “dragged”, but once the page is loaded, you can change the translation to a different lingo.

Posted on October 12th, 2013 at 22:37 GMT
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