Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary

Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary is a brown bear sanctuary in Lika region of Croatia (da, lički međedi 😀 )
Although the sanctuary is away from Northern Velebit National Park, it is part of the nature park Velebit (there are two national parks in the nature park: the afore mentioned Northern Velebit and Paklenica).

The average life span of a brown bear is 30 years. They, usually, don’t live longer than 10 years in wild in Lika because people hunt them and as they grow older, they’re slower, less agile and their reflexes weaken.
It takes them 6 years to mature.

The sanctuary is divided in small and big bear enclaves.

I managed to take a decent picture only of a small bear.
My godmother visited the sanctuary shortly before me and saw the big bears doing their thing 😉

SAM_2726 (800x600)
This gal is awesome. She’s 3 years old. She kept growling while cleaning her paw 😀


When we entered the sanctuary, we heard a girl telling tourists things about the bears in English. At first, we thought she was just a local guide talking to tourists. Then I asked her a question (in Croatian). She did answer it, but not fluently and she had trouble understanding the question. Turns out she’s a volunteer from Bulgaria.

Kuterevo is full of volunteers from around the world.

Sigs of volunteers (click on the image to enlarge it)

Čudne riječi u ovom žutom streličastom trokutu…

You can check the official website of Kuterevo volunteers here.

Posted on August 12th, 2013 at 15:21 GMT
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