Kim Jong-un

This is an open letter to Kim Jong-un. Yeah, I’m not stupid enough to actually think Kim is going to read this, but still…

What the hell is wrong with you, dude?! Didn’t you pay any attention at school? Do you realize what shit nukes can cause (on the global scale)?! One thing is to be playing with nukes under controlled conditions, but to actually throw them?!

Do you bloody realize that there would be nothing to rule over once your little war ends?!
One of my most favourite songs is “A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall“, but much like yourself, I would definitely not like one of those worlds to be Earth.

Let’s say the nukes wouldn’t do any more (permanent) damage than ordinary weapons. Do you actually think South Korea, Japan, the US and every other NATO member wouldn’t retaliate?! Okay, Japan’s army hasn’t really been more than a police-fireman union since WWII, but that can quickly change. The recent fortification of Tokyo is proof of that… Even without Japan, the US Army is the most powerful thing on the planet (don’t even try to fool yourself into thinking North Korean Army can match the US one bit). Yes, there are many NATO members that don’t have much of an army. However, certainly not all members are Croatia… I would like to point out the UNITED STATES again.Take a look around you – you’re surrounded by enemies. Even China is turning you her back.
Trust me the furtherest you would be able to go is Seoul and that’s presuming that you send missiles directly to Seoul, because I, and everybody else, can assure you that as soon as you lift a finger against someone, you’d be signing your death warrant. Unfortunately, your people would suffer too. Though, I guess that’s not much of a problem to you since, thus far, you’ve shown greatly how you don’t care about them. I mean you can sell all that crap in North Korea, but I assure you that an average human being realizes, for example, that destroying missiles fired by someone else isn’t starting a war because that someone had to launch the missiles first in order for the other party to destroy them.

Okay, okay, enough of the grim North Korea defeat scenario(es). Let’s concentrate on a scenario of North Korea actually winning.

You know, that in order to enjoy a longer-term victory, pretty much every force on the planet must be destroyed first. Otherwise, sooner or later, the remaining forces would organize and make you pay for what you did and might have done.
Anyway, let’s say that nukes don’t bring you utter wasteland to rule over or bring you a wasteland with a few hundreds of thousand / millions / billions
survivors. I assure you that there’d be people with more balls than me among the survivors. Within a few years, decades at best, you’d be facing an organized resistance on a territory much too large to have complete control over. What then? Would you finish the job with new nukes and, thus, totally destroy the planet?!

Yanks do provoke and show of a lot. You’ll get no arguments from me on that account. But, how ever you might feel, South Korea is an American ally and Americans can fly over South Korea as much as they want to as long as the South doesn’t complain.

Now, without Kim, North Korea seems a nice place to visit according to these pics 😉

Posted on April 12th, 2013 at 20:16 GMT


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