Now, what better day to blog about this shit than on Sunday?

In Croatia, the rest of Europe, and most of the world for that matter, Sunday is considered the last day of the week. Likewise, Sunday is the last day of the week in INTERNATIONAL standardisation.

However, I quite often find myself in the need to change the first day of the week from Sunday to Monday. To that end I Googled around a bit.

I found many explanations in favour of Sunday being the first day of the week.
Actually, Wiki Answers firmly states that Sunday is the first day of the week.
Of course, all of them go around the origin of the word “Sunday” and no such explanation goes to the present (we don’t live in the past…) where we frequently use the word weekend and consider Sunday a part of the weekend. How can the first day of the week be at the end of the week?!

To sum it all up, the word “weekend” says it all…

I don’t mind various usage of things, including the week, in different parts of the world. Actually, uniquenesses of various peoples and countries make the world interesting and colourful 😀 That is the reason I bolded an capitalized the word “international”.
The fact is that only because a certain country (I wonder which one…) uses Sunday as the first day of the week I have to change from Sunday to Monday, in almost everything English (and more – I had to change it in Office 365 Outlook even though the lingo, and thus the regional settings I guess, was set to Croatian).
Speaking of English, it’s interesting that the lingo doesn’t even originate from that particular country…
Just like date formats are often mm/dd/yyyy (e.g. today is 2/17/2013) as soon as you switch to English even though the international format is yyyy/mm/dd (e.g. today is 2013/2/17) and despite that most of the English speaking world uses dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. today is 17/2/2013), measuring system is switched to a certain imperial system even though metric is international and used much more widely [do you know that pilots have to use Fahrenheit degrees even though everybody, but that certain country, uses Celsius (which are pretty much the same as Kelvin, only smaller numbers 😀 )], and easier to grasp…
What’s worse, stuff like Monday, internationally, being the first day of week ain’t even mentioned in schools of the country at least not in elementary school, which should cover the basics… Otherwise, this guy is truly stupid.
By the way, how would you feel if people were speaking their native language for international (what’s wrong with me today, bolding this word?!)?

Posted on February 17th, 2013 at 13:55 GMT
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