PowerPoint 2013 bug

Error message

Do you get the message above upon running a PowerPoint show (i.e. only .pps and .ppsx)?

I recently switched to Office 2013. Everything works great, except the error message: Microsoft PowerPoint isn’t your default program for viewing and editing presentations. Do you want to select files types that PowerPoint should open? keeps popping up whenever I try to run a PowerPoint show.
Now, whatever I click – Yes or No – and whether I checkmark Don’t show this message again or not, the bloody window pops up the next time I run a show.

At first I just thought the pop-up a minor annoying inconvenience, but then I realized that it disables the sound of a presentation. True, most presentations are mute, but some ain’t…
I busted my ass Googling for a soloution. I came across none and didn’t find a workaround. I had found a few of workarounds meself though, so I decided to blog about them to save others the trouble.

A bit more info of the bug:
The error doesn’t seem to happen to everyone. I tried running a PowerPoint show on a few accounts (on the same computer) – my own, Mom’s (never or very rarely used)  and a freshly created one. The error occurs on my and Mom’s account while it doesn’t occur on the freshly created one. Furthermore, the error seems to happen when opening some shows, but not all (note that those that it does happen to worked flawlessly under PowerPoint 2010). The error does not occur while working on PowerPoint nor does it happen when you open the effected shows through PowerPoint.
The error only occurs if you have another presentation editing or viewing program (LibreOffice Impress in my case).

My system:
Windows 7 32bit
Office 2013 (+ LibreOffice office alternative)

The simplest workaround is to simply uninstall other presentation program(s), which you probably don’t want to do since you have the other program(s) at all. Besides, having a backup office suite is good.

Another workaround is to set your other presentation program to open a PowerPoint show upon double-clicking.
Now, the problem of that is that no presentation program shows a PowerPoint presentation as good as PowerPoint, so I guess that’s not to your liking either.

Finally, the thing I used, and the thing you’ll most likely find the most acceptable. Note that this is just a workaround.
Use PowerPoint Viewer.

You can download PowerPoint Viewer for free.
Once you install the program, PowerPoint shows are still automatically going to be opened with PowerPoint 2013, but you can easily change that. Find a PowerPoint show (either .pps or .ppsx) right-click on the file and go to properties. Once there, click on Change.. button left of the text Open with: PowerPoint (desktop). In the window that pops up, make sure that Always use the selected program to open this kind of file is checkmarked. Find PowerPoint Viewer in the box of the window. If it’s neither listed under Recommended Programs nor Other Programs, click on the Browse… button. Once a new window appears, find PPTVIEW.exe. The file is in PowerPoint Viewer installation folder… Now, just keep clicking on every OK and/or Yes buttons around 😀 You have to repeat the process for .ppsx (or .pps if you did.ppsx first…).

Default Program
Click on the image to enlarge it.

Changing the default program to PowerPoint Viewer, might mess up .pps and .ppsx icons.
If you care about icons, there are two ways to get the original PowerPoint 2013 icons back. One is through the Registry. The other is much simpler in my opinion, but you require an external program. The program is called FileTypesMan. It’s free and tiny, so install it.
Now, open FileTypesMan, wait a moment or two till it lists the file types, find .pps and .ppsx, and double-click on them (each one individually). Click on the button left of Default icon text. If you don’t see the desired icon immediately, click on the Browse… button and find the icon you want. PowerPoint 2013. icons are located in C:\Windows\Installer\{90150000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}. To get them, just copy-paste the address I’ve just given you to the address bar and then double-click on pptico.exe. All you have to do now is just keep clicking on every OK and/or Yes button you come across until you’re left only with FileTypesMan main window, which you can now close.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

The con of PowerPoint Viewer is that the program doesn’t start in full screen. The window is at least maximized and you can start full screen manually by right-clicking on the presentation and then clicking on Full Screen in a drop-down menu.

PowerPoint Viewer
Click on the image to enlarge it.
Preko cijelog zaslona = Full Screen

If you’ve come across a real fix, do tell me. Either leave a comment here, or email me (bedakjen@hotmail.com).

Posted on February 11th, 2013 at 17:36 GMT
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Update July 2013

The bug has been gone ever since I formatted my disks, so I guess my comp was just crappy because I didn’t format the disk in two years.

Well, here’s another workaround (at least if the other office suit you have is LibreOffice): Install LibreOffice; make a backup of the installation folder (just create a zip archive of it);  uninstall LibreOffice; restore the backup (unzip the LibreOffice archive).
Windows now thinks M$ Office is the only Office suit on the computer. Thus, office documents can “only” be opened with M$ Office. In fact, LibreOffice works just fine, but is not registered as an installed program. The only side effect is that OpenOffice thumbnails are unavailable.


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