How many Hutts are there in the Galaxy?

Hutts are those big Star Wars worms. They’re quite well known outside Star Wars – Jabba (the Hutt) has become a Star Wars icon.

Their influence is big, no question about it. Huttese is the second largest spoken lingo of the Galaxy, especially among criminals.
Hutts control vast criminal organizations throughout the Galaxy. They own their influence to mafia.

It is said that virtually every Hutt is a crime lord (i.e. a sluggish godfather) and, in addition, their life span is enormously long (cca 1000 years!). That raises the question – How many of them there actually are?! I mean, there can’t be that many crime lords in the Galaxy. Lowlife criminals (who answer to someone) sure, but not crime lords. Besides throughout the Galactic history (no matter how long ago it was 😀 ), you could only find one or two nonHutt crime lord.

They didn’t even comprise the apsolute majority on their (adoptive) homeworlds. Neither on Nal Hutta (they made 43% of Nal Hutta’s population) and certainly not on Tatooine.

I wonder if you could find a normal Huttese guy paying a mortgage and taxes, and (honestly) providing for his family 😀

The question stands: -How many Hutts are there in the Galaxy?!-

Posted on January 15th, 2013 at 13:41 GMT
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