The fortress is named after the hill which over looks the town of Senj and upon which it lays.

It was built in the 16th century as headquarters of the defenders against the Turks. Senj was chosen because of its proximity to the Ottoman Empire.

Senj has been an important town throughout Croatian history, especially in the time of the Turkish expansion when only remnants of Croatia were out of Turkish control. Back then the town served as a major port. It’s importance lasted even after Turkish retreat. The first major blow to Senj was another (coastal) town being chosen for railway (the importance of railway in the 19th and the 1st half of the 20th century is well known). Nevertheless, Senj thrived till 1990s when the decline began. The town’s importance has risen in the last decade though, but nowhere near as close as before. Let’s take northern Croatia as an example (i.e. Međimurje, where my grandparents moved from). Back when my mom was a kid, Senj was looked at as the town while Međimurje was a shithole. Today, life quality in Međimurje is much better than in Senj – I don’t think anybody would be so forthcoming in moving from Međimurje to Senj now.

Here’s some trivia about the town:
The patron of Senj is the same one as that of Moscow – st. George. Even the motives of the town flags are the same (Senj, Moscow).
The town is known for its strong winds. Though the wind type is different than that of Chicago, Senj is “the windy town”.
The town was the first town in Croatia to have a printing machine.

Anyway, you shouldn’t leave the town without visiting the fortress. Here are some pics of the fortress:

The room where I took these pics is full of coats of arms. These two are the ones I liked the most.

The circled tower in the upper picture is the fortress toilet. The lower ones are the toilet from the inside. I can’t believe how anyone could have peed up there, let alone shit, because the winds are only stronger up there (I had to take my cap off otherwise it would’ve been blown off my head) – imagine the bloody (cold) wind on your bare ass and balls… I can’t even think about it!

Panorama of Senj from the fortress.

Posted on August 14th, 2012 at 20:08 GMT
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