Cold May

Even though the beginning of May was very hot here (as was the end of April), it’s pretty cold now. It’s not freezing, but temperatures are around 10°C here now. Since I don’t live in a mountain town, nor in the far north, this is a cold May. Well not as cold as in Sarajevo – they got snow 😀

Snow in Sarajevo (May 2012)

If you ask me, we got the worse of it – cold, but no snow. Though of course, knowing our heating plants (thank Google Translate for the stupid term), it’s better this way.

Well, I hope to live in Norway one day, so this is a good practice (though they’re heating system ought to be better than the crap we’ve got here) 😀

Kinda related post: Since we’ve no place let to go let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Evo, jedan ovako zaključak po domaći, komentar jednog (uglednog) profesora: Jeba te! Šta je ovo, studeni?! 😀

Posted on May 15th, 2012 at 09:47 GMT
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Update 2012/6/13 (13:41 GMT):

Same shit seems to have been in Austria.
Kaže T-portal da je danas palo 20 centi. Ali budući da ne mogu nać niš o tome ni na njemačkom ni na engleskom, pitanje šta naši pričaju. Mislim u Sankt Pöltenu, kojeg je navodno zameo snijeg je sada (3:41 PM) 13°. Baš da sa sniježne temperature dođe do 13° u nekoliko sati…

Update 13.6.2012 (21:10):
Deutsch Konfirmation – Schnee in Sankt Pölten an der 13. Juni.


4 thoughts on “Cold May

    1. Nelandir Post author

      Simple. Scandinavia is the most civilized and organized part of the world (well, more than Croatia anyway 😀 ). In addition, Germanic Scandinavian lingoes (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) are almost the same and they’re said to be relatively easy tu master (unlike Finnish which rules out Finland 😀 ). Anyway, I know Norway is looking for skilled foreign workers, they have put a lot of effort in Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and they provide their immigrants with one year Norwegian language course.
      Furthermore, I love snowy climate 😀 Most of Norwegians move south because of the climate so north is really in need of skilled workers and I wouldn’t mind the north at all 😀

      I agree with you – everything bellow half a metre of snow is nothing, hell, I’d even say a metre, but in that case I haven’t seen real snow in a long time 😦 However, even a centimetre of snow counts for something in May, especially in Europe.

      P.S. Yeah, I’d still like to live in Norway.

      1. It's only P!

        I’ve never been to Norway but it’s on the cards. I wrote a story in which a Norwegian featured and as a result I read lots about Norway and Norwegians so that I could portray him realistically. One thing I encountered (because Norwegians wrote about it) is that Norwegians can be quite discriminatory/racist. I find this (after having been away from Europe for 27 years, and back since 2010) to be so anywhere in Europe, but in Norway they are apparently more open about it. Just be ware.

        Up north it can be quite desolate. Unless you are a loner and happy to live as a near-hermit, make sure you’ll have some social support system! Forewarned is forearmed, yes? When I settled in French Quebec I had no idea that the French would be hostile towards me (in the countryside). Had I known this ahead I might have made another plan, or at least my expectations of building a social life would have been more realistic.

        A good (not too long) novel which takes place in northern Norway is ‘Beyond Sleep’ by Frederik Willem Hermans. Interesting and riveting! English, translated from the Dutch.

  1. Nelandir Post author

    I find that hard to believe. Otherwise, Norwegians wouldn’t have been so shocked with Breivik’s opinions. In addition, I doubt Norway would seek immigrant workers if they were discriminative. People who immigrated there tell me they’re quite happy there. Furthermore, Scandinavia in whole is known of their excellent social system. Scandinavians often adopt African children.

    There are a lot of Bosnian immigrants up North and I think I can coup in amongst them 😉 Speaking of Norwegian north, a big minority ethnic group are native Sami to whom (present-day) Norwegians are not aggressive.

    I’d need to live in an urbanized area – a town or nearby – anyway because I need to take certain medications. Sure, they’re quite common, but I still feel much better when I know there’s a decent pharmacist around.

    And I would adapt to Norwegians (e.g. I’m eager to learn their lingo once I come there).


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