I honestly haven’t ever thought I’d have to write such a hmm… obvious post, but the replies to the previous post just ask for it. Yeah I called the whole EFF clan nazi for welcoming and playing with a guy nicknamed Hitler. Some sick fucks actually defend such behaviour and try to make me look bad (look at the comments) – truly pathetic. The stupidest of them all is Rutten.

First, basic info about (neo)nazism everybody should know (it’s strange how, the sick fucks on EFF “know” that, but look over it…)
Those sick fucks hate, want to torture and wipe out every one different than themselves [the perfect Aryan should be a well built (nonSlav; possibly Germanic, especially German) white with light hair and eye colour; lemme just emphasize the hypocrisy here – Hitler (and most other nazi leaders) were the exact opposite (Hitler was a small dark haired and dark eyed weakling)]. As mentioned in brackets, the differences are differences no one can influence on (like you can chose your skin colour upon your birth…). This makes them the greatest scum on the planet. Yeah, others are evil, but they go against their enemies (which weren’t defined by different colour…). I mean, Stalin killed a lot more than Hitler (he did have more time), but his victims weren’t defined by physical differences. That’s why communism, unlike nazism, can be tolerated – if you listened to the party and complied to their crap, you wouldn’t be harmed. No matter how much you’d comply to the nazi government, you’d be killed if you weren’t Aryan. Fine, not killed, but tortured.
Only Red Khmers’s evilness can be compared with nacizm. Actually, Pol Pot has been the only worse sick fuck than Hitler throughout history.

Now, the rumours that head’s purpose isn’t to shield the stomach from rain are true. Hitler symbolizes nazism. So, no, it’s not just a name. I mean, Adolf is still a first name in German speaking world, but that’s just a name. Tell me, how many people still carry a last name Hitler?! Even if your opinion somehow is that “it’s just a name”, how bloody selfish can you be?! You know full well how much pain it can cause others.
Teddy told me that the guy “must have been a kid in puberty ‘rebelling'”. I was in puberty too, but believe it or not I still had a brain. Sure, my concept of right and wrong was a little shaken, but I did know what utter evil is. That thing called conscience helped me though… I must say that it is very comforting to know that the Hitler guy wasn’t a sick fuck of an adult, but a sick brat, who will one day replace adults…

And yeah, I’m calling the whole clan nazi, not just that guy. How sick must you be to welcome such a sicko?! He wasn’t even warned to rename, he just played happily. I did mention how quick, clans in general, are to kick and ban people for all kind of crap, but you didn’t even put this sicko to sleep. Furthermore, you actually defended him. Oh, just few EFF members played with him, huh? Well, then the comments here would be Sorry the members welcoming him will be punished. Can you tell us who they are? and not attacking me. To answer the question, I don’t remember who was on the server at that time (I was too pissed when I saw this Hitler guy), but I do know that it happened on May 7 around 21:00 – 21:30 GMT. I am sure your admins can check who was online at that time if they really want.

Basically, no one, but true sick fucks can even look at nazism.

So, in the end, Rutter, “kiddo”, yoU’re right…

P.S. To avoid wasting my time to stupid comments like those in the previous post, I’d like to disable commenting of this post. Can commenting individual posts be disabled?

Posted on May 12th, 2012 at 11:43 GMT
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