EFF (JKA clan)

Now, a little info for Jedi Academy players:

EFF clan has been quite popular for some time now. Got a buddy there and they seemed just fine. However, I was just on their server and they allowed a guy with a nick Hitler to play with them. That’s unthinkable in the modern world – everybody knows how evil this product of family inbreeding was. What’s funny is that they got that shit no laming, but they allow sick fucks like this guy to play.

Well, when I joined the server, I said hi and and, hitler, fuck u. The guy (and everybody else) acted like what the hell am I talking about. Well, I humoured them once and said how Hitler killed millions just for being different upon which this sick fuck of a gamer told me those were all lies, that Hitler had “no choice”…

Anyway, to sum it all up – STAY AWAY FROM EFF!!!

P.S. I find it strange that nazi scum would even play a Star Wars game. I mean, Star Wars Galaxy is full of different species and races…

Posted on May 7th, 2012 at 21:05 GMT
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14 thoughts on “EFF (JKA clan)

  1. Dominus

    Stop blowing dicks and when you get lamed on our server go cry to your milfy mother..
    If there wasn’t any admin on server ofc, obvious troll nobody could take care of that lamer…
    Logic isn’t playing a role in your mental process..
    Seriously, you’re pathetic..

    1. Nelandir Post author

      I didn’t get lamed 😛 Trust me, I’ve played this game long enough to know when I’m lame…
      The point is that EFF welcomed a sick fuck of a nazi and didn’t kick the scum as soon as it showed its sick nose, but the clan is quick in kicking and banning people for something else… Hell, the scum wasn’t even put to sleep to “give it time” to rename although such sick fucks only deserve time for a brain transplant.

  2. TheHairyOne

    k so lets sum it up….
    a guy with a name was on our server and he didnt even lame you
    so you are upset and saying we wellcome him just cuz someone didnt ban him this week?

    people’s judgements these days are faster than falling birdshit

      1. Rutten

        Ofc it does, But you’re judging someone cause of his nickname, oh and not just him but a clan. Tbh you’re doing the same like Adolf Hitler did, judge someone cause of his nation(you’re doing it with the name).

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  4. Dominus

    I will personally rename myself to Stallin and have other members name as Hitler, Ceausescu and any possible nazi, communist or anything else possible.

    Maybe we’ll make an event out of this just to fuck with you =)
    I’ll send you pics when I’ll have enough time to do so. Cheers 😉

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