Who would you (dis)like more to bust your ass (less) – Poirot, Columbo or Monk?

Yeah, the question is kinda silly and lame, but if you were a murderer, who would you dislike busting your ass less – Agatha Christie’s Poirot, lieutenant Columbo or Adrian Monk? All off this characters must give headaches to the criminals they catch. I mean, look at those guys…

So let’s start from the oldest character:

Hercule Poirot (2012/4/15)

He was created in 1920 by Agatha Christe for a detective novel and since then appeared in bunch of novels and short stories. Those have seen many film adaptations, I mean the series is still ongoing. Anyway, the guy is a small nerdish penguin – criminals must be really annoyed when someone like him spoils their “hard work”. Especially since the penalty for murder in England back then was hanging (probably the only reason why one of his “victims” didn’t kill the penguin once they’d got out of prison… one way or the other 😉 ).

Lieutenant Columbo (2012/4/15)

This guy pretends to be a total idiot to catch bad guys. Well, his appearance certainly fools everybody – he wears an ancient coat all the time and drives an ancient convertible Peugeot. He keeps talking about his wife (as “Mrs. Columbo), who we never see nor find out her first name, and dog (just as “the dog”), that was shown in the show a few times. Anyway, bad guys must really be annoyed when such a guy spoils their “hard work”. I guess none of his “victims” killed him because you can respect the guy when you look beyond his appearance and through the idiot play.

Adrian Monk (2012/4/15)

Unlike lieutenant Columbo, this guy is an idiot. He was a San Francisco detective who has been retired from the police soon after his wife’s death. He’s been retired since then ’cause that’s when he went totally nuts (e.g. the buttons on his suit must be at the same angle). Because of his obsessive–compulsiveness he notices every little detail which enables him to solve every single crime. I really have no idea why none of his “victims” have killed him by now.

If I were a murderer, I could live with everything spoilt by the first two. Hell I could, but I’d really be pissed if Adrian Monk caught me 😀

Posted on April 15th, 2012 at 20:57 GMT
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2 thoughts on “Who would you (dis)like more to bust your ass (less) – Poirot, Columbo or Monk?

    1. Nelandir Post author

      Indeed, Poirot is lame, and I bet his lameness annoyed those he busted.
      Oh, Monk is an idiot otherwise he’d have a badge and he wouldn’t need neither Natalie nor Sharona to hold a tissue for him 😛


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