Bots and other hacks

Since ROLF (Atlantica) guild was kicked from Orion nation because of botting, I wanna write a word or two about bots and other hacks.

A bot is an online game hack which automatically fights, heals and does quests while you’re AFK. Now, like all the hacks, bot is illegal. But is it really so evil?

I’ll give examples of games.

Silkroad Online (2012/4/10)

I haven’t played Silkroad for ages, so I can only say how things were back when I played.

Silkroad is a “free” MMORPG. Yeah, I used the quotation marks for a reason(s). You can download the game for free and play for free. However, Joymax (the game developer) favours the paying players in the following ways: normal levelling speed and instant access to a server (back when I played, servers used to be crowded all the time and sometimes it took 12 hours to enter a server).

Levelling speed is the main reason people use bots for Silkroad – levelling your character up is just too slow for nonpaying players – people used to compensate for that by leaving the bot fight and thus collect experience points while they do IRL stuff. Another reason is that (if you don’t pay Joymax) the frequency of dead mobs dropping the items required for a quest is just too small – a bot collects items that are usually too rare to wait for.

When good bots stopped being free, the number of Silroad players seriously dropped (that’s when I stopped playing). Joymax is officially against bots. But, seriously, I doubt that good bots (which are not free now*) are managed without underground help of Joymax. If there weren’t any bots, Silkroad would not have any players. Some of those players often decide to become paying players so they can enjoy the benefits paying players have. Joymax, thus, makes money.

There’s another hack Silkroad players use, or used to use. As I said if you are a nonpaying player, sometimes, you can’t connect for hours. Joymax closes the game every time the server rejects you making you start the game all over again every now and then making you pay them to avoid losing nerves and wasting time. Yeah, a really cheap shot. Anyway, there is (or was ×D ) a hack preventing the game to close and even keep trying to join automatically whenever there’d be some room on the server (yes, you could wait 12 hours even then) – the trick is (was) to start the game and the hack when you wake up and play in the afternoon or the evening depending on when you join the server. If you manage to join early, you set your bot to do stuff till you join.

Atlantica Online (2012/4/10)

Now this is the game I’ve played for past 9 months (I’m in the game auto-crafting even now).

Unlike Silkroad, it’s free for all – levelling speed is acceptable and the same for all, everyone has an instant access to servers and the item drop frequency is just fine. It really seems there’s no need for a bot.

There is a catch though. Items ingame cost billions of gold, which is often difficult to earn. However, there’s Item Mall where you can buy items for real money at acceptable prices. This is favouring people who have money. Well, the definite advantages of Atlantica are – no monthly fee and no obligation to use Item Mall regularly (you can use the mall when you have some spare money and then not use it for years without losing your game character). Back to the item prices now – you can buy a rare item easily in Item Mall and then sell it for billions of gold ingame thus making a lot of ingame gold in very short time.

I’m one of the few level 98 players who doesn’t own an ingame house. The gold I’ve earned (and gotten from donations ×D ), I spent for upgrading my formation (yeah, that can be über expensive without Item Mall). You do collect gold every time you kill a mob, but that’s nothing. In that way, a bot would be useful – you can set it to kill mobs and collect the little gold from mobs while you do IRL stuff. I guess I would use a decent money hack to buy meself a house and, prolly, a mount (I wouldn’t be that ambitious to go for an ent though, but seriously 200 mil for a simple horse that only speeds up your movement and doesn’t improve your stats one bit…).

Anyway, don’t worry boss. If I decide to use a bot, I’ll leave the guild myself. I don’t wanna make trouble with Barnak to the guild. Basically, I don’t wanna make the guild another ROFL 😀 You guys are kind enough to keep despite me playing for shit.

DC Universe Online (2012/4/10)

DC is a superhero MMORPG I play from time to time. I like Marvel more too, but hey, DC is free 😀 I can’t really judge hacking of this game (if there is any hacking at all), since I don’t play it a lot.

Anyway there are three levels (I think) of players – nonpaying players and two levels of paying players (cheaper, and the one that costs more)

Sony Online Entertainment (the developer of DC) is, unlike Joymax, decent enough to openly say the limitations of nonpaying players and doesn’t favour the paying players. Nonpaying players have instant access to servers and level up at normal speed. A limitation I’ve noticed is the league (equivalent of a guild) creation – only paying players can create leagues.

In the little time I’ve played the game, I saw no reason to bot; but as I said, I can’t judge the hacking of this game, since I haven’t played a lot.

*If there is a decent free bot for Silkoroad, please email me at I might start playing the game again though I doubt it ’cause I don’t have time for both Atlantica and Silkroad, and Silkroad is not turn based nor does it have strategic elements. Generally, I don’t like strategies (too much work, too little fight), but Atlantica has just enough strategic elements to make the game more interesting. Another thing, the de facto spoken language in Silkroad is Turkish, which I don’t speak. Almost everyone in Atlantica speak English, at least on Argos, the server I play on.

Posted on April 10th, 2012 at 19:46 GMT
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