Keyboard layouts

Less than an hour ago, a guy messaged me on Xfire saying “^”. I asked him what did he want at what he replied “Who are you?” Well, I said we might have met in an online game and commented “And you couldn’t ask me who I was in plain simple English?” at what he said “Most people are not stupid and I have no time to write the whole question”. Well, I fucked him off saying that most people are not native English speakers and that we have the right not to know every single English abbreviation. Naturally, the bastard blocked me as soon as the reply with go fuck yourself came to him.

Anyway, I wanted to tell the bastard that there are like many keyboard layouts where ^ (and/or bunch of other characters) is not easy to type, but was too late because of the blocking 😀
Yes, there are many different keyboard layouts. If ^ is not easy to type, it’s not used very often and thus not understood that much. For example, ^ is relatively easy to type on Croatian layout. “Relatively” means that it’s input through a dead key Alt Gr (left Alt) followed by a space (btw, Alt Gr combinations don’t work in ingame Xfire)

Basically, in case you haven’t known, there are a LOT of different (Latin*) keyboard layouts, so don’t judge people too quickly.

P.S. All links worked today at 9:15 PM GMT (yeah, even those in the footnote). I added the links so you see I’m not making stuff up.

* To enter Latin characters if the main or an additional language script is not Latin, American International Layout is usually used. That might not be the case if the language has an official romanization without the total basic Latin alphabet (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ only; yeah like English alphabet) or with some additions. I’ll just take three languages as examples. Bulgarian, which officially uses Cyrillic script, uses American International for Latin characters. Serbian, with equal use of Cyrillic and Latin script, uses Slovene-Serbocroatian layout for Latin characters. Macedonian, which officially uses Cyrillic script, uses Slovene-Serbocroatian layout for Latin characters because Gajica [without Ć and Đ, with Ḱ (KJ) and Ǵ (GJ), and with additional DZ] is used as the official romanization. I am 100 % sure for Bulgarian and Serbian ’cause I have Bulgarian and Serbian friends. I am not 100 % sure for Macedonian though ‘cuase, unfortunately, I don’t know a Macedonian (yeah, even though Macedonia is an exYugoslav state like Croatia).

Posted on February 29th, 2012 at 21:29 GMT
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